Happiness Project

I love to have a project and this is my latest: Happiness Project

Completely unashamedly copied from Gretchen Ruben who has written a fantastic book about her own Happiness Project. I bought my copy of the book only a few weeks ago and haven’t even finished it yet but I know I want to do my own Happiness Project. I keep reading bits out of Gretchens book aloud to my husband and he can’t believe it wasn’t me who wrote those words.

I am starting this project now as, for me, September always seems to be a time of change and I can see no better time than to start now. I must admit I have been procrastinating a bit but have decided that ‘done is better than perfect’ so here is my page dedicated to my Happiness Project.

Written in the front of an empty note pad “HOW TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN A YEAR” I obviously subconsciously knew I was going to do a happiness project at some point

It is funny, when I was looking round the house for a suitable book to start taking notes in I came across an empty note pad, apart from the front page which has the words “HOW TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN A YEAR” written on it. I am not sure when I wrote this in this book, it was quite dusty when I found it. I wonder whether this Happiness Project will change my life in a year?

Gretchen talks about looking at different areas of her life per month to try to increase her happiness in each of the areas. I really like her idea of working on energy levels first and so this is also what I think I will focus on first; getting enough sleep, enough water, better nutrition, making your home tidy so you are better able to concentrate on other projects and ideas at a later stage.

I have been trying to think of ideas for: change within surroundings, challenging your mind, working for others and soothing the soul/heart/spirit. I would really like to focus on one idea per week so will try to make them simple but I also want this to be a creative process so will endeavour to try to make my ideas creative.

Mind map for my Happiness Project – I am still undecided about how to go about my Happiness Project but will just let it grow by itself.

As always if you have any ideas or want to share anything that makes you happy do let me know. I am working on a button and a linky so if you did fancy joining me on this Happiness Project I will let you know how to very soon (when I’ve worked it out myself). Also if you would like to write a guest post about a thing/things that make you particularly happy or a method of thinking that helps you if things get tough let me know.


11 thoughts on “Happiness Project

  1. I have just looked at Gretchen Ruben book and will order one tonight , sounds like a good read. If I start to get stressed or worried on things I try to use saying ” it will pass ” to myself . Right onwards to better health and happiness x.

  2. Fabulous post and a great intro… can’t wait to see the next instalment. How spooky re: your notepad. I think it was obviously sitting waiting around for you to find it…. Here’s to an exciting year to come 😀

    Claire x

  3. So it’s Tuesday and new start on anew journey, to health and happiness 😄 what’s the challenge this week coming x

  4. Hi how come I had email about water blog but now can’t see it on here ? Am I not doing something lol . I just got my book delivered .the happiness project 🙂 silly I know but love the feel of cover , books give me happiness . I need I have found out to let people not bother me , some can be toxic so need to learn how to not let them bother me x

    • Hi Linda, I have different pages on my blog so if you just click on the bit where it says ‘For Bella and Will’ it will take you to where all of the blog posts come up. I do need to put a link at the bottom of my Happiness Project page so I will also do that 🙂
      Hope you enjoy the book – let me know what you think. Books make me happy too and I agree some people are just hard work and it is better to avoid them if they bother you x

  5. I think it’s a great idea to start your own happiness project! I liked Gretchen Rubin’s book, too, and like you, my house could do with a clear out for starters. I love having projects, and if they make you happy along the way, even better! Kids like projects too. Nice blog.
    TOHC x

    • Hi there, thank you for your comment 🙂 It really does make me happy to have a project, unfortunately I’m not very good at finishing them but hey, never mind, like you said the main thing is to be happy along the way.
      Did have a little think just then if the kids could help me out on this one but I’m not sure how much help they would be, think they would make more mess! x
      PS. What does TOHC mean? hehe

    • Aah, forgive me, I know what TOHC means now 😉 thought it was some sort of short text speak thing that I’d totally not got! Silly me!
      I completely get the one handed cooking, my kids are much better now but William was a terror for ages, he just wouldn’t be put down! x

      • I am glad that one-handed cooking resonates with you! Talking of short text speak thing, I *have* seen ‘OHT’ for one-handed typing, i.e the baby’s in the other hand, on forums. But, no, TOHC is just short for The One-Handed Cook 🙂

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