Story of Mum: Mums making an exhibition of ourselves!

As often happens on my blog I haven’t been here for weeks – that is all part of being a mum blogger, finding the time to write as well as all the other duties we complete in a day of looking after small children is a feat in itself.

Being a mum is the hardest thing that I have ever done but through blogging and joining in with Story of Mum I have found that many of us mums struggle but we are all able to celebrate those special times with our kids, the little every day events that make being a mum such a fantastic and special gift.

In fact, as I write this I am sat on my bed, catching the last rays of the summer sun on my face, listening to Newton Faulkner with a small boy snuggled at my side. He’s not tired, apparently, but he is being quiet, he knows he is having a treat to be in my bed and I am really enjoying it too, so sweet to see those little blue eyes, feel his little hand reach out to my arm, his cheeky grin. He was three last week, they grow so fast!

As mothers, it’s not often that we feel seen, heard and valued. Yet our everyday stories matter, and sharing them can inspire others. Story of Mum: Mums making an exhibition of ourselves is a touring programme of exhibitions and events in galleries and online that aims to put mothers in the spotlight.

The exhibition celebrates motherhood, explores the impact of mothering on our identities, and encourages mums worldwide to share their stories in words, photos, collage and film.

Parallel to the real life events, a virtual exhibition is travelling round the world, stopping for mini exhibitions on blogs – like this one!

Participants are asked to choose one item from the existing exhibition, create one item to add to the exhibition, and share their thoughts on these and their identity in motherhood. So here’s my exhibition!

I CURATED THIS: I am a mum and….

I am a mum and.....I'm on a journey.....?

I am a mum and…..I’m on a journey…..?

I can really identify with this mums words as I feel like I got totally lost once I had my kids and I am on a journey to find who I am and find my place in the world.


Starting off with the line that I added to the Mums’ Poem, I have chosen some of the lines that really resonated with me. We are quite creative in our house but I often feel underpaid and overworked, always going from one task to another, keeping order, providing food for the family I have to secretly sneak biscuits to keep me going. The last two lines of the poem are fantastic and make me smile!

Creative, home maker,

underpaid and overworked,


rule maker

hand holder

food maker

secret biscuit eater

sofa den builder

singer of songs!

Brave, strong and mighty fine.

Always trying to get it right (even when we know we got it wrong).

I CREATED THIS: I am a mum and a….

I am a mum and a.....barmaid!

I am a mum and a…..barmaid!

For those of you who know me you will know that I am far from barmaid material, I don’t really drink, I’m really quiet preferring to talk to just one or two people and I love nothing more than to be in bed by 10pm!

The reason why I have chosen this statement about myself for my ‘I am a mum and a….’ picture is that I have been working as a barmaid for nearly a whole year now and it really has bought me out of myself, I am actually relaxing a bit, finding myself, have been known to have a few drinks, love music and dancing and I’ve even danced on the bar (don’t tell my mum!).

Who would have thought quiet little me!? It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me, I completely lost my confidence when I got married and had my daughter a year later and my son only 19 months after that, but I am coming back and it feels great!!!

I hope this little part of the Story of Mum Exhibition brings you an insight into my feelings of being a mum. To have a chance to celebrate this in a creative way with other mums has been a fantastic outlet for me. Being a mum has its highs and lows and ups and downs and with a little injection of creativity I have found that I am enjoying it all the more.

story of mum exhibition

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7 thoughts on “Story of Mum: Mums making an exhibition of ourselves!

  1. wonderful and inspiring! lovely to read about snuggles with your three-year-old, too; I am blown away by how affectionate boys are (Henry is also 3).

  2. I’m so glad that you came back to your blog for our exhibition! And I love your selections – the poem is fab, and I particularly loved hearing how your work has brought you new confidence and bar-dancing! (Although I’m always gutted that your shifts seem to coincide with our #somum Make Dates – we miss you there! Thank you xx

    • I am glad I came back to my blog and from listening to your talk at BritMums Live I am really inspired to really get back into my writing! I will have to see what I can do to switch my shifts for the Make Dates as I miss them too! Thank you for letting me join in and can’t wait to see you in London in October xxx

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  4. I believe that being a mother is the most important job of all. It’s really so disheartening to realize that so many women lose sight of themselves as a result of motherhood. These stories and this ‘exhibition’ are very inspiring. Kudos to al the Mums out there!

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