A room of One’s own….

I have an office!

Well a room, the spare room, the junk room, but it now has a desk in! I sort of pressed the BUY button when the husband was away one weekend and I was left to my own devices plotting and planning!

And here it is, you can’t see all the junk that is all around me but it is now officially my space. I am hoping that now when I have an idea it can be extracted from my head and put into my ‘room’ and doesn’t have to be moved out of the way so we can eat dinner or the kids can do craft things or the husband can play card games on the dinning table.

The desk came with a cardboard protective cover and I discovered that this fitted perfectly into the door frame, so with a few felt tip pens we had a bit of fun converting it into a castle wall. This now needs reinforcing as it is falling apart from the kids going in and out of it but they had great fun with it.

One last thing I’ve been doing this past week is I’ve actually started a sketch book, I’ve never had one before so I have no idea what to do in one so as you can see I thought I ought to start ‘somewhere’! This was done in poster paint as I was joining in with the kids when I got the paints out for them. The second page was done when I was having a particularly bad day last week and just needed some inspiration, just done in biro which was all I had to hand, it is simple but I’m really pleased with it.

How was your week? Hope you’ve had a chance to enjoy the sunshine!

IMG_1489 IMG_1486 IMG_1499 IMG_1510 IMG_1635 IMG_1642

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10 thoughts on “A room of One’s own….

  1. helen on said:

    love the sketchbook-keep it up! xxxx

  2. V jealous of you having your own space. Long for my own little office….

    • I feel so guilty that I do have it though and unfortunately won’t last for long as kids are in same room at mo but will need their own rooms at some point. I will however make the most of it while it lasts 😉

  3. Brilliant! I have the World’s tiniest desk something I would love to upgrade sometime in the very near future but having a space just for you is wonderful isn’t it? Kinds of promotes all sort of creativity! x

  4. Love the castle door!

  5. Sharon on said:

    I love your desk, Catherine. Where’d you get it? Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks. 🙂

    • Hi Sharon, it’s from Ikea 🙂 it’s totally swamped already by all my ‘ideas’ but at least it’s out of the kids way and they won’t break anything or find sharp scissors or needles!

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