Brave Creative Play!

Having read a super post by Mammasaurus a couple of weeks back about The Creative Project I said that I would try to snap my kids at something creative that week. Well, that was the Easter holidays and those two weeks were actually a bit too chilly for my liking so we did mostly inside playing with small amounts of rather sensible craftyness dispersed between pulling the sofa apart or dashing out for 15 minutes only to come shivering back in for hot chocolates with marshmallows.

I really love the idea of letting the kids lead their creative activity rather than have to complete tasks that I have set. So, now that spring is officially here and having had further creative inspiration from Mammasaurus I felt brave enough this afternoon to crack open the paints and let the kids loose!

They could not believe it when I started to unroll some brown paper outside on the path; “painting! outside!” – YES!

As per the advice from Mammasaurus I ran a big bath before I let the kids loose with the paints.

The photos speak for themselves, the kids loved every minute of it, I just watched while the kids painted the paper and then painted themselves. I did get a bit ‘eek’ half way through but held my breath and let them get on with it. Nothing a good soak in the bath for them and a hot cup of tea for me after couldn’t solve!

I am proud to say we now have a new piece of art in our house – Poster Paint on Brown Paper – 300cmx50cm – by Bella and Will

Painting outside April 2013

IMG_1414 IMG_1415 IMG_1423 - Copy IMG_1425 - Copy IMG_1426 - Copy IMG_1430 - Copy IMG_1437 - Copy IMG_1444 - Copy IMG_1448 - Copy IMG_1463 - Copy IMG_1451 - Copy IMG_1469 - Copy

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10 thoughts on “Brave Creative Play!

  1. Such awesome colours and fun! I am going to take a leaf out of your book and add some sponges and gold balls to the mix next time!

    Lovely photos – I especially love the one where a toe is getting dipped in the paint!

  2. You are a braver lady than me. I sooo want to do things like this with my three, but just can’t quite bring myself to do it yet. Perhaps when the weather is a bit warmer, I’ll bite the bullet! Well done you though.

    • Brave or stupid…? πŸ˜‰ I wouldn’t have dared even a few months back! Will is nearly 3 now and is able to listen and do what I ask so I can set up things like this and know that things won’t get out of hand.
      If you do give it a go just start small, one A3 or A4 piece of paper each and just a few colours of paint, that’s what I have done – a gradual build up to the big thing. It was still scary though πŸ˜€

  3. We used to do this inside on rainy days!! But that was before we had a floor I liked!

    Looks such fun though.

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  5. WELL DONE YOU for being so brave and letting them do exactly what they want – make a hideous amount of mess! I must let mine do this, as i’ve never done it, and before long they’ll be too old (is almost 8 and 6 too old?!!! course not, I’ll be in there too!). Can’t physcially lift them up to the bath though like you did… Love the photo of your son holding brush up to camera!

    • Hi Siobhan, thanks for your message, been off-line most of last week. Almost 8 and 6 is certainly not too old, maybe have a washing up bowl outside to at least clean their feet so they don’t walk it through the house then get them in the shower? πŸ™‚ Let me know if you do let them at the paints x

  6. PS I’m from Everyone Else is Normal – for some reason I couldnt’ log in to wordpress, so you didn’t get my icon thingy!

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