Our Sprite Den from Dragonswood

We really are super lucky……we won a Sprite Den!

Spending lots of time on the internet I often come across competitions so I entered a competition at the end of January to win a Sprite Den from Dragonswood. So what a wonderful surprise to find out that we won this fantastic Den just a week ago!

We told the kids what we had won and we spent a week getting very excited about our new den and we have had a super weekend of playing in it so far!

The den is great, with enough space inside for four pre-schoolers, we know, our neighbours were over for a visit when our Den arrived. Also there is just about enough space for two pre-schoolers and a mummy…..and there is more than enough room for just a mummy! Once inside the kids love to pull down the flaps and close themselves in, it is really warm in there, a fantastic hide out against the elements.

For kids with vivid imaginations the Sprite Den can be a cave, a rocket, a boat, a deep dark forest….anything you can dream of, my two have had all sorts of adventures already, it really is fascinating to watch. I am usually called upon to be something big and scary like a dragon, alien, pirate or bear, I am so happy that they have found something that they can play together with, rather than bickering over.

IMG_1190 - Copy IMG_1189 - Copy IMG_1185 - Copy IMG_1197 - Copy IMG_1200 - Copy IMG_1201 - Copy IMG_1203 - Copy IMG_1204 - Copy

When we first got our den we had celebratory cake inside and since then the kids have had a couple of picnics inside, perfect for this odd weather and I know that when the sun does finally decide to come out properly, the kids will be able to use the den to find a bit of shade inside.

Isabellas best bit about the Sprite Den is “the hiding, hiding is the best” and Williams best bit – “we can hide from the dragons inside”, this says it all really!

So, a massive thank you from us all to Tom, Ollie and all at Dragonswood who have been so kind, we love our Sprite Den!!!

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4 thoughts on “Our Sprite Den from Dragonswood

  1. Ooh you lucky thing! That looks like huge fun. Want one!

  2. This looks fab – might be too small for the eight year old though? Well done you šŸ™‚

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