Less than a year to complete my 30by30 challenge!

Gosh, it’s less than a year until I am 30! Such a funny feeling, it is just a number I know but I really do feel like I am on the verge of something big!

Me - all grown up!

Me – all grown up!

I have gone back over my 30 by 30 and sort of wondered why I had written some of the things down, but I did and I am aiming to complete every single one of them!

As I have only managed to complete two of my 30 I am pushing myself but will give it a good go. Here is a reminder for myself, with some ideas for how I will attain each of my challenges:

  1. Read 30 classic books – Dracula, To Kill a Mocking Bird, Animal Farm, Beowulf, A Prayer for Owen Meany, Grapes of Wrath, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Canterbury Tales, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, East of Eden, Crime and Punishment, Out of Africa, Huckleberry Finn, Lord of the Flies, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, Lord of the Rings, Great Expectations, The Tigers Wife, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Heart of Darkness, The Road, Life of Pi, What is the What, The Republic, 1984, Curious Incident of a Dog in the Night Time, A Brief History of Time, The Great Gatsby, The Jungle Book and Meditations – None read so far!!!
  2. Watch 30 classic films – have so far watched The Shawshank Redemption which was fab! Have 20 more on the list so need ideas for 9 more, please.
  3. Listen to 30 classic albums – there is unlimited Spotify at the pub where I work so thought it would be fun to play different albums on different nights – absolutely no ideas though so suggestions welcome!
  4. Make quilt for Williamcompleted 16th June 2012!
  5. Make a t-shirt picnic blanket – some squares cut out so far but need to finish this.
  6. Make proper patchwork quilt with scraps – I have boxes and boxes of scraps in the spare room, need to decide on a pattern and just start.
  7. Use up all socks for sock creatures and sell them – I may have pinched some socks out of the box when mine have been getting holes in so there are far fewer in there now but still a few that need doing.
  8. Learn to Crochet – help needed for this one, YouTube not been much help so far.
  9. Make at least one item of clothing for each of us – I’m thinking pjs for the kids so if they go wrong no one will see them and I have a skirt that is huge (bought when I was expecting Bella, but not maternity) that I want to remake.
  10. Cut our household waste – will be following advice from Jen over at My Make Do and Mend Year.
  11. Cut our energy bills – less media, less tumble drying, thermostat down: more reading, more efficient laundry process, more woolly jumpers, more snuggles under blankets and more insulation – see below…
  12. Make super insulated curtains for our front room, and rest of house if it goes well – one of those on the list where I said “really!” I will research this and if cheaper to buy then I may buy instead.
  13. Have a weekend trip to Cambridge – just me and the hub! We’ve not been away on our own since we had the kids, they are old enough now to leave them for the night so would be super to escape for a weekend, eep!
  14. Learn French – I remember a tiny bit from school but would love to know at least a little more for ……
  15. Go on a family holiday to France – yes I did write this on my list so we now have to do it, research has commenced!
  16. Write more real letters – one per week – will start this week, would love to have a go at making my own cards and paper to send, but will start by writing letters though.
  17. Spend more time with my husband – We don’t get to go out much now we have the kids so last year decided on a pub night in but we don’t often get to do that, watching the 30 films is something we will do together.
  18. Grow at least some of the veg we need for the year in our garden – We did really well last year, just need to keep up the good work.
  19. Get my tummy into some sort of shape – This what state my tummy was in last year, it’s getting better but needs more work!
  20. Eat healthier – I’m thinking in terms of fruit and veg here and getting all of us eating more fruit and veg. I really want to create a chart to challenge each other to eat as many colours of fruit and veg per day.
  21. De-clutter the whole house and sheds – an ongoing project, am thinking I need to set a task of two or three items out of my house per week!
  22. Go to the theatre – haven’t been to the theatre for about 15 years!
  23. Work through the ’1000 ways to amuse children’ with the kids – I’m loving it now the kids are older and we can do many more creative things together.
  24. Make, buy local, buy handmade or charity shop all birthday and Christmas presents and cards – another one where I said “really!” but I will give it a go.
  25. Start keeping proper accounts of monies etc. – just to feel more in control I guess.
  26. Drive on motorway againDONE! And done again quite a few times, go me!
  27. Forage for more and make food out of our foraged finds – last year we picked sloes, elderberries and blackberries and made Sloe Gin, Elderberry and Blackberry Wine and a few pies and cakes with the blackberries, yum! Will see what else we can find this year.
  28. Walk in the Malvern hills with the kids – this is near where I grew up, we went to the Malvern hills as kids, I’d love to take my two there.
  29. Get a book published – the most difficult on my list and one that I really, really want to accomplish one day, maybe not before I am 30 but I will try!
  30. Go to a spa – my treat for when I have completed all other tasks, I’ve never been before so that’s another reason it’s on the list.

I have a busy year ahead of me! I’ll keep you updated!

Do you have any major plans for the coming year or until a major milestone? Feel free to share your links below, could do with a bit of support here 😉

For now,

Catherine x

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4 thoughts on “Less than a year to complete my 30by30 challenge!

  1. Catherine, your list is fabulous and so inspiring – there are some really cool things there to keep you busy and out of trouble!! I’d love to help with the crochet task – I’ll happily teach you (although I can also recommend the one youtube clip that ACTUALLY got me crocheting, it’s brill, will dig it out). Also, tutorials on the Attic24 blog are awesome.

    I wonder if you can make some headway with the 30 classic books by listening to some as audiobooks in the car/whenever rather than having to find the time to sit and read them all. Just a thought…

    Good luck with it, I’ll be reading with interest and hopefully I’d quite like to try a few of these myself 🙂 30 by 37 doesn’t sound quite as snazzy though!

    Much love,
    Claire x

    • Ooh, super, I do think that I would be able to learn crochet if I just had a proper explanation, one day we will get together and do some stitching together 🙂 I’ve seen Attic24 from comments you’ve put on facebook, stunning work! I will have a better look!

      Audiobooks are a super idea, maybe I can listen while crafting – then I’d get two things done at once.

      I think it may need to be a 40 by 40? What do you think?

      Thank you for your lovely message,

  2. Suzanne Rowlands on said:

    Hey Catherine,
    loved reading your 30 by 30 list…some great achievements to strive for! Looking forward to reading future blogs on your progress 🙂 Good Luck
    Suzanne x

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