Printerpix Photo Competition

I am really getting into my photography now and was thrilled to see a competition being run by Tots100 to win £600 of photography goodies – including a brand new super duper camera!!! I am already looking at buying a new camera as mine is 10 years old now and although good in its day is not a patch on those available to buy now.

I love taking photos of the kids, it still amazes me every day when I look at them to think that they are mine, that we (hub and I) made them….it really takes my breath away.

The photo I want to share is one that I took this half-term week. It is February and still very cold but we had a super day, mostly spent outside walking and going to the park. We even had an ice cream, the first of the year! I took this photo just as we walked round the corner into our street, the sun was just about to set and there was a wonderful glow about everything.

Unfortunately a little knowledge is sometimes a bad thing and I had changed a setting on the camera and the photos I took are all over exposed. But, they capture a memory of a sunny day, in the middle of February, when we ate ice cream and had such a wonderful time!

My Family - My Kids

And, another thing that I have just discovered – Printerpix is just round the corner from me, I could actually walk there! There is nothing like the feeling of supporting a local firm and as I really need to print some photos off very soon this is who I will be using!

This post is Catherines entry into the Printerpix Photo competition

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3 thoughts on “Printerpix Photo Competition

  1. So glad to see that you’re enjoying snapping away with your camera. It’s so easy to forget about a setting when you want to quickly capture a moment! Fingers crossed for your entry into the competition x

    • I’m so very sad that the deadline was Friday so I’ve totally missed it 😦 We did have the most wonderful day though so I will always have those memories 🙂
      I’ll just have to get back to researching what camera I would like, oh dear!

      • Oh no! that’s a shame. I’m sure they’ll be other competitions though, keep your eyes peeled. Yes I’m still looking at cameras too although hopefully the search is getting narrower! x

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