Home made spring daffodils

I am thoroughly enjoying crafting with the kids now they are a bit older.

I have spent the past few years thinking myself a bad mother as I wasn’t doing enough messy crafty play with the kids – I really wish someone had told me that under threes don’t really concentrate well on organised crafts anyway and that would have saved a hell of a lot of heartache!

So there you go, anyone with under threes, really don’t feel like you have to do much crafting and do not feel guilty about it.

For anyone else who would like some spring craft ideas for half term next week I thought I’d share some daffodils that the kids and I made this week.

Pretty Spring Daffodils

  • pen
  • cardboard
  • 2 sheets paper
  • scissors
  • 2 egg boxes
  • yellow paint
  • orange paint (or mix red and yellow together)
  • prit stick
  • selotape
  • 10 green straws

Using a pen draw a six petal flower shape onto the cardboard (this can be a rough drawing, perfectionism not needed for this craft!). Cut this flower shape out.

Place the cardboard cut out onto your piece of paper and drawer around it, aim to get 5-6 on each piece of paper.

Let the kids loose with the yellow paint to colour the flowers in.

While they are doing this cut out the egg boxes to create little round cup shapes.

Next get out the orange paint (or magically mix some up with red and yellow paint) and encourage the kids to coat the egg box cups inside and out with the paint. There are no photos of this stage as my two got into an absolute state doing this bit with paint all over them and the table and some on the wall, it was funny though!

The flowers and cups now need to be left to dry, for at least a few hours or even over night.

The yellow flowers now need to be cut out, Bella had a quick go and got as far as the edge of one petal then nearly cut the other off so I had to do the rest of it.

Liberally coat the bottom of the orange cups with glue and allow the kids to place these in the middle of the yellow flowers.

Stick a small square of selotape to the top of a straw then stick this onto the back of the flower and there you have it!

Display your flowers in a little vase to enjoy for the whole of spring!

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Do you beat yourself up as “a not good enough mum”? I don’t know whether it is that the kids are getting older and understand more or I am more confident in myself but I find this feeling is slowly ebbing, it is so nice to enjoy time with the kids rather than just doing all the caring and providing.

Do you have any spring crafts that you will be doing with the kids this half term? Hope you have a lovely time no matter what you do.

For now,


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4 thoughts on “Home made spring daffodils

  1. Lovely idea, hope I can persuade my uncrafty nearly-4-year-old to have a go!

    • Thank you 🙂 I hope you enjoy making them, I am a lot more relaxed crafting now so let the kids get messy doing it, that’s the bit they like the best, they get a bit grumpy if I say they can only paint in the lines 😉 I do draw the line at painting the walls though and everything gets dropped in the sink if they get silly but they know now not to mess too much! hehe x

  2. Thanks for the great craft idea. I will try it with my 4 year old granddaughter today. She loves painting and cutting so it should be a huge success.

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