A new type of play dough – Marshmallow Dough

Late last night, whilst wandering round on Facebook I came across a new type of play dough, so I went off to find out how to make it and found the instructions at a super blog – Creative Playhouse.

I was so excited about this play dough that the kids and I made it this morning, just after we had eaten our breakfast, still in our pajamas.

It is so simple, with just two ingredients: Corn Flour and Washing Up Liquid.

I have no amounts to give you for this, just be brave, get a bowl pour in some corn flour then add washing up liquid bit-by-bit until it all comes together and hey presto!

Marshmallow play dough 143 148 158 160 162 164 174 211

This stuff is amazing!!! The kids said it is like marshmallows and I agree with them, it is sticky and dusty at the same time. You can squidge it, roll it, stretch it and mold it. It can be pulled out into a long strand but give it a tug and it will snap in a clean straight break.

Ours got a bit dry at the end but I’m sure we could add another small squeeze of washing up liquid to reinvigorate it.

Why don’t you give it a go? Let me know if you make some and how yours turned out.

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4 thoughts on “A new type of play dough – Marshmallow Dough

  1. can’t wait to try it ! i guess you could add food colouring too. thanks for the tip! J

  2. So glad you found my recipe and made it, AND that your kids enjoyed it! I knew I should have called it marshmallow dough!

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