Snow painting – {Horizontal – #amonthof creative moments}

The snow is still sticking with us and we have done the traditional snow ball fights, made snow angels, made a snow man and just had lots of general snowy fun.

It is however getting hard work with the kids being stuck inside as our adventures in the snow only last a short time before we get too cold. So, I had a think about what else we could do outside that wouldn’t get us too cold. I remembered that when I was a lot younger we had a snowy day at school and the teacher made up lots of bottles of coloured water and sent us outside to ‘paint’ the snow.

This is exactly what we did, the white snow creating a perfect ‘horizontal’ canvas!

What to do:

  1. Get some empty bottles, preferably squeezable – like an old ketchup bottle with the squirty lid or an old washing up liquid bottle and clean thouroughly.
  2. Fill these bottles with water.
  3. Pour a bit of food colouring in and shake until all the water is coloured.
  4. Wrap up warm.
  5. Head outside and find a nice clean snowy patch.
  6. Take aim with your bottles of dyed water – you may need to help littles to hold the bottles the right way!
  7. And….SQUIRT!!! All over the snow.
  8. Once all the dye had been squirted stamp all over the snow to help the dye to be revealed!


Super super fun!!!

Do you have any alternative ideas for fun in the snow?

Keep warm,


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2 thoughts on “Snow painting – {Horizontal – #amonthof creative moments}

  1. Bridget Leyden on said:

    What a good idea :~) I will definitely try this if there’s more snow x

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