New – #amonthof creative moments

I have bought myself one new thing recently – a new notebook and actually bought some new felt tips to go with it too.

New note book and felt tips

New note book and felt tips

There is nothing quite like buying something new, that feeling of excitement that you get when choosing what you want and then taking your new things home.

I have to say though, this feeling for me is especially heightened as I hardly ever buy anything new for myself!

I try very hard to make do with what we already have, mend if mending is needed, have been known to make things but quite often I do without. A blogger that I have recently discovered is on her own journey of a Make, Do and Mend year and I fully support her ideals. I completely agree that all of this ‘stuff’ that is out there and being advertised to us any way possible really isn’t needed.

Most of us are in a position where we have exactly what we ‘need’ and a bit of a break from buying excess and trying to Make, Make Do and Mend is as Jen puts it;

good for the planet, good for the bank balance and good for the soul”

I always try to be very conscious when buying something new of its origins and whether I really need it.

Do you love to buy new things?

Is it a treat for you to have something new or do you Make, Make Do and Mend?

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8 thoughts on “New – #amonthof creative moments

  1. Although normally making do and mending would be the best approach, I do wholeheartedly agree with this expenditure and look forward to seeing the resulting doodles 😀

  2. I miss stationery!! And magazines! But other than that, it is awesome!! Thanks for the write up 🙂

  3. Oh I’m definitely of the same opinion. The only exception being shoes and sometimes clothes for the little ones – I like to know that they fit properly and usually I wait until there’s a sale on. Mostly though, things come from ebay, charity shops or are given by friends or relatives. I don’t understand the need to fill our lives with tat.

    I like to imagine what it would be like if suddenly, we all just had to up and leave, taking very few possessions. We could all live without this stuff and we would soon forget about it.

    • I do that too 😉 I have this vision that at some point life as we know it is going to have to change and those that are used to the latest ‘stuff’ are just going to be totally lost and I will be there saying ‘I told you so, it’s all used up’!

      Ok, now I sound totally crazy but hey 😉

  4. rosyragpatch on said:

    It’s hard to manage without buying anything new and I think it was a good idea to get your notebook and pens. Who knows what it will lead to?
    I actually enjoy mending & altering so that comes in useful. I’ve still managed to accumulate an awful lot of stuff though.

    • Morning 🙂 thank you for your comment, I too have an awful lot of stuff but I am hoping over the next year not too buy any more and to use up the stuff we do have!
      It is such a useful skill to have to be able to mend and alter things, some people are so scared they can’t even sew a button on 😦

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