Wordy – #amonthof creative moments

‘Wordy Thursday’

A transcript of our meal time! Is your house like this? I just feel like the dialogue never stops.

The kids do say some funny things though!

mmmmmm, carrrot!

Do you like the carrot bit?

yeah, mmmm

Do you like the…….tuna bit?


Sit down please, come on!

Shall I strap you in?


Don’t put your fork in there, please.

eat up!

So, what have you tried then Isabella?


the raisins?

I like the mackerel mummy

I don’t like mackerel

it’s not mackerel, it’s tuna

I don’t like tuna

how do you know? You haven’t had it for ages, could you please taste it.

I don’t want to!

Well, I bet you can’t eat any of it anyway……can she William? I bet she can’t she’s not brave enough.

oh yes she caaan!

oh no she can’t.

oh yes she caaan!

so you think if I cover my eyes Bella won’t eat any?

Yes, cover your eyes.

….keep them closed….

She won’t eat it will she William?

just keep them closed, keep your eyes closed



You ate some TUNA, yeah! Now close your mouth to eat it up.

How is it?

It’s delicious.

You were a lot braver than I thought you were, wow!

I thought it might have mouses in, I don’t like mouses.

No, no mice in it.

My teacher doesn’t like mouses, she’s scared of them


Mummy, now you eat some of that, I’ll close my eyes

OK…….mmm, yum, yum. I ate it, yay!


Look it’s a big ice cream

it does look like an ice cream, could you put it down please and eat up.

Weeee are eating dinner!

Yes, we are eating dinner.

NO, I’m talking to the fork! Fork, would you like some dinner?…………..he wants dinner mummy, he wants to eat all of my dinner!

Ok, you can share it then.

I’ve eaten some CELERY!

Yes! That’s a point to Isabella, have you eaten some celery yet William?




Can I get down now?

No, you’ve barely eaten a thing.

I don’t want this tyawna

it’s tuuuuna

I’ve eaten a raisin…….with my fingers!


Mummy close your eyes a minute

I’m hungry lovely, I want to eat my food

cover your eyes, mummy………………..mummy did you see that

he ate a raisin with his fingers!

Put that down please.

I just need to….

Put that down please!


thank you.

My nose is making me tickly

your nose is making you tickly, how?

because it got some hair up

oh no, rub it out!

I was teasing you mummy.

look mummy it’s got a spiky thing in

take the fork out of your sleeve, come on…………Thank you!

spiky spike the apple!

apple’s my favourite thing.

I want a tunip

What is a tunip?

it’s from the Octonauts.

where will you buy one?

from Waitrose!

and what will you do with a tunip?

I’d put it on my table and then eat it


I’m going to see what I can see through Williams telescope, I’m going to do it one time

no, sit down, you can look after dinner.

Mummy, can I get out now? I’ve eaten some little bits.

Have you had enough food? eat a bit more.

Bella, back on your chair please.

What do you say?

pardon me

hmmm, hmmm, hmmm, hmmm, hm, hm

wooo, wooo, wooo, woo, woo!

duuu, duuuu, duu, duuu, du, du, du

Mummy stop singing!

Mummy sing little bo peep…..two times!

Little Bo Peep, has lost her sheep…………..actually, I will only sing if you eat your food up!


Wind the bobin up, wind the bobin up, bonk donk, dink donk donk………


Endless, endless chatter! It went on and on! This was only about 10 minutes of our evening the rest continued on a similar note – far too wordy for my liking!

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2 thoughts on “Wordy – #amonthof creative moments

  1. I love this! This is normal. Treasure it even when you just want to curl up and turn them down! Kx

    • It is funny listening back but I do feel like we are all on fast forward for most of the day, just jabbering on.
      They really do come up with the funniest things, like William talking to the fork! Love it x

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