Celebration of the every day – A good enough mum!

I’m smiling, it’s been a good day!

Not much to write but I wanted to point you in the direction of a great new blog – Everyone Else is Normal I found today and especially to a particular post Siobhan has written about being a Good Enough Mum. Wonderful words for all of us mummys!

I have just been trying to enjoy being in the moment today and just being happy, here are a few snippets…

I’ve had a total washing fail this week!
I was going to show you the mountain of washing that is next to my bed but I couldn’t face it so here are my socks, the last two in my drawer. Seriously, where are the other two!!!

We didn’t go out today, I am still really tired and trying to get over this cold so we just had a telly day.
We did however make the most of our day and made dens with the sofa cushions and jumped all over them – yes I joined in too – we laughed a lot!

To end our day we had sausages in bread!
That’s right, no vegetables, no nothing else! Just sausages and bread!
The kids loved it and for once we didn’t have a fight over the evening meal and questions about what the green bits were or did it have onions in!

I had a good day and I think the kids did too – I think I was a ‘good enough mum’! There were certainly lots of cuddles and snuggles and tickles and laughter!

I am off now for chocolate, a cuppa and a film, husband is putting the kids to bed tonight 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Celebration of the every day – A good enough mum!

  1. Fabulous! You have reminded me just how important it is to have a lovely Mummy day like yours today, it looks like you had great fun 😀
    Claire x

  2. lilandrael on said:

    I’m really pleased you had a good day. Sometimes those kinds of days are the best (and most memorable)!

  3. Not-so-normal Mum on said:

    Wonderful! LOVED your photos of chaos, not a hint of concern about what your house/feet/supper looks like ! (although the one of the sausage in bread was almost x rated!). Brilliant you had such fun – you joined the kids on the wild side and let them rule for a day but the looks of it. Glad I’ve been such an inspiration!

  4. Sometimes we NEED days like this! x

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