Happiness Project – Progress with the de-cluttering

I have been sat here for the last two hours, just me and the laptop. Such a treat! William in bed and Isabella at a friends house. I have been through all my emails again and tidied them all up, I’ve wandered round Twitter and Facebook and now I don’t know what to do.

Is this what it is like when the kids go to school?

I’ve got the music on an am currently swaying away to Feeling Good by Nina Simone.

I do have to admit my de-cluttering hasn’t gone quite as I’d planned – I was aiming for that empty house look with a few choice pieces. I have however managed to remove a few offending items and have had a good old think and am certainly feeling in a more embracing mood about all my stuff.

I have come to the conclusion at this current time that I would actually like to keep many of these things but that they just need better homes. A lovely oak book case for the front room, a few more shelves and an antique chest to go at the foot of our bed and that really would make such a difference.

What a good feeling to embrace the mess. Like I said before I really do think it is a case of a little bit of control and a bit of embracing.

Right, must dash before the peace is shattered. I am going to embrace the washing up so bringing a bit of control to my kitchen.

For now,



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6 thoughts on “Happiness Project – Progress with the de-cluttering

  1. It’s always hard when you dive in with so much gusto and then get to a point where you don’t know what to do with the stuff!

    • Hmm, yes! The bathroom, kids room and my bedroom are all looking amazing but a lot of the ‘stuff’ has just been transplanted into the spare room! As for downstairs, it is not looking much better but again a lot of things have just been relocated to the spare room, oh dear 😉

  2. Great tune! Hope you’re well Catherine x

  3. I never know what to do with myself when my two are in Karate together and my youngest will start school in September. De-cluttering is so energising. Good for you!

    • Thanks Anya, I’m still working on the de-cluttering and a brand new influx of ‘stuff’ has appeared over the Christmas holidays *sigh* if only I got half and hour to myself I would get more done, one day 😉

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