Happiness Project Week 3: Enjoy music and try to listen better

After writing on twitter last night that I was looking for ideas for fun creative things to do to make me happier I had quite a few responses and one in particular made me think:

“Go dancing in the rain with your kiddies!  I’m sure you’ll get the opportunity tomorrow.”

This was from a friend Kay (who can be found on twitter @KayTeasCakes), she also suggested that I play Frank Sinatra through the kitchen window at the same time. This really made me smile but also made me think.

I used to love listening to music, I can match songs to significant points in my life, which I can imagine many of us can do. I think it was when I had the kids that I really stopped listening to music, apart from nursery rhyme CDs that we listen to for them.

So, this week is to be a week of music, listening to music, singing, dancing and even playing instruments. Our music is all stored on shelves in the spare room, I don’t often look at it so I decided to go and have a look. I have about 80 CDs and also a few tapes (but unfortunately no tape player). I admit I have a somewhat eclectic taste in music, not sure if it may be to most peoples’ taste but it makes me happy and that’s what this project is all about.

My shelf of CDs and tapes, so exciting to look through some old favourites

We have had a super day today, the kids think I am mad but we all ended up laughing and dancing together. I even got my guitar out, I didn’t manage to play it as William was desperate to have a go but hopefully by the end of the week I will get a chance to play for them.

The second part of this weeks resolution is to listen better, I thought as I was listening to music I could also try to listen to both the kids and my husband better. In the case of the kids I need to listen to ‘what’ they are saying not ‘how’ they are saying it. Quite often I will get so upset that the kids spend all day whining but actually if I give them the time and show them I am listening they whine a lot less. With my husband I take offence very easily to comments that weren’t even meant in offence, like him asking if I’ve made a phone call or put a wash in. If I haven’t managed to accomplish these tasks in the day I feel so guilty then get so upset as if he is judging me. I need to just accept his questions and comments and not to jump to conclusions of his meaning.

Do you have any CDs or songs that really make you happy? Do you have any tips on properly listening to what people are saying?

<img src=”https://bellaandwill.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/happiness-project-button.png” width=”160″ height=”160″ style=”margin:1px 0 0 4px;” />

Do you fancy joining me this week with listening to more music and listening better?

For now,


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2 thoughts on “Happiness Project Week 3: Enjoy music and try to listen better

  1. Omg, love this Catherine – what a great idea. I *love* music but have listened less and less since having kids and after our extension at home, I confess most of our actual CDs are still packed in boxes 😦

    However, I do have a fair number of songs on an old ipod and quite frequently can be found (or hopefully not) prancing around the kitchen with the music VERY LOUD. The kids think I’m nuts but I love it!

    At the moment, I seem to be loving a bit of late 90s dance. Something nice and up-beat. I guess the music suits the mood so it depends on how I feel. As the Fresh Prince once said, music sparks off nostalgia – the sounds are inextricably linked with our inner selves, or at least it seems that way to me.

    Best of luck for a cheerful & noisy week with a great background of music xx

    • Hehe, thanks Claire, you must get that music out, it’s so much fun!

      No idea what the kids think of me, Bella told me I looked silly so I’ve obviously mastered the embarassing mummy dancing already 😉

      Most of my music is happy anyway, or it amuses me in some way, I know that sounds a strange thing to say about music but hey! It certainly does remind me of different things, mostly which job I was working at or being at Uni doing a particular part of the course but it’s a link to the past and it’s nice to remember.

      I’m so looking forward to this week and long may the music continue, Mr was slightly confused as to why the music was on loud when he got home and even more concerned that there was music on the radio in place of his usual Radio 4, haha!

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