Happiness Project Week 2: Progress

Do you remember at school doing experiments to prove the outcome of something, to support your conclusions? Or, doing the opposite to disprove your conclusions? My presumption that getting more sleep makes you happier can definitely be supported by the opposing argument that not getting enough sleep makes you grumpy!

I am shattered!

On Tuesday I didn’t manage to get to bed until gone 10:30, on Wednesday I worked but ended up staying on until 12:30, then staying awake for another 1/2 hour to tell hub how my evening had been and again last night I was up past 10:30. I think I now need to re-adjust my rules and say no computer or TV after 10pm as this is what is keeping me awake. The hope is that if these things are turned off then I will feel my tiredness and head to bed.

I have to be up at 5:30 (at the latest) tomorrow morning for a day out then night away on my own so will definitely be going to bed early tonight. Unfortunately I can’t see myself having early nights for the two after that so completely dashing this weeks challenge!

These challenges I am setting myself are resolutions that I would like to keep and incorporate into my life so I will hopefully have much more time after this week to trial my conclusion that more sleep makes me happier.

Hope you’ve been sleeping well this week,

For now,


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One thought on “Happiness Project Week 2: Progress

  1. lilandrael on said:

    I definitely think the “No computer after 10ish” rule will work. I accidently proved this last night. Me and The Beef were waiting for a film to download, but it was taking much longer than we thought. While we were waiting, we both sat, with the TV down low and read a book each. Before we knew it, the film had downloaded, but it was gone 11! We both pretty much fell asleep instantly and there was something comforting, in sitting together, each doing their own thing, but enjoying the company at the same time.

    I hope you manage to face the challenge head on and good luck!

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