Happiness Project Week 2: Get more sleep and tackle some nagging tasks

I can not believe it is gone 10pm already! As you can see the aim for this week is to get more sleep so I am going to bed in, well, hopefully the next 20 mins. I am aiming to be in my bed by 10:30 at absolute latest every night this week and hopefully make that a regular thing. Oh, apart from the nights that I am working.

As a mum of two smalls night waking is still a regular occurrence, from William needing a drink (even though his water is right next to him) to Isabella doing a dance at the end of our bed singing “I need a wee wee” promptly followed by a grumbled and slightly sarcastic “had you thought of sitting on the toilet?” I can’t remember the last time I had a full nights sleep. Actually I’m not sure how many I’ve had since we’ve been married; we found out we were expecting Isabella after only five months of married life and getting a good nights sleep with a bump or a baby are not the easiest tasks to accomplish.

Another thing I will be trying to do this week is to tackle some nagging tasks. You know, those letters you were supposed to write, phone calls to make, a friend to contact – I need to get my passport sorted, make an appointment for that horrible test that us ladies have to get done and send a couple of cards to friends that I have had lying around for weeks.

Here’s hoping that the earlier nights and tackling my nagging tasks will help me get a little more sleep. This is much-needed as I will be starting the dreaded school run next week – the walk every morning, come rain or shine to be at the school by 8:30 – can you tell I am looking forward to this?

Drink Water – Think Happy

How are you feeling this week? I’m not quite so mad as I was yesterday, no red rage today.
If you fancy joining me on your blog I have managed to work out how to do a linky button (please don’t ask me how 😉 ).

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I have also been busy creating a proper link up so if you want to write a blog post you can add it below and we can all support each other in trying to get healthier and happier.

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I’m off to my bed – quickest written blog post ever – only took 16mins!

Aaah, my bed! I made the quilt, one of the things I am most proud of making.

For now,


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3 thoughts on “Happiness Project Week 2: Get more sleep and tackle some nagging tasks

  1. lilandrael on said:

    More sleep sounds like an excellent idea. My problem is insomnia and not being able to make my mind empty itself. Really hope you manage it!

    That bed spread is gorgeous! You talented lady. Xxx

    • I’m hoping that tackling some nagging tasks this week will clear my mind so I can sleep better.

      I will also be looking up lots of other ideas to help me sleep better, think I do most of them already as I have spent years not sleeping properly.

      Why don’t you join me on this one?
      How’s your walk to nursery going?

      • lilandrael on said:

        You know, I think I will, although I may make my bed-time cut-off point 11:30. That I can do, any later and I’ll be a zombie the next morning.

        One thing that stops me sleeping, is any kind of technology in the bedroom. Computer, TV, Phone, if I’ve been using any of it pre-sleep time, then I just can’t switch off!

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