Happiness Project Week 1: End of my first week and the red rage sets in

Happiness is an ever-changing state. One moment you are, one moment you aren’t. I came back from my shift at the pub last night super-duper happy, bouncy almost. I even bounced out of bed this morning, despite the past-midnight bed time.

As many of you may have experienced it was slightly raining today (ok, lots but I was trying to ignore it). So, I didn’t mind that we had to stay in this morning for a work man to visit. We were given a slot between 8am-1pm. But, I could feel it at about 11:30, this red rage sort of rising in me that our visit was not going to happen.

Totally long-story-short; a brick was thrown through our window on 14th July, we were away on holiday at the time so our amazing neighbours helped to sort things out for us. They were wonderful. It has taken the company that own/manage our property until now to send out anyone to get our window replaced. Well, actually, to get the window measured, to get it replaced. The chap that turned up (at 3:30!!!) even had the cheek to ask “was it just the pane of glass that needed measuring or the whole window frame?”. That was it, I nearly swore at him, seriously?! I must admit I have never replaced a window so not quite sure of the process – excuse my ignorance!!! Grrrr!

Anyway, deep breath. Drink water. Think happy thoughts…..aah nearly better.

As for the water drinking, it is not necessarily itself making me happier but the action of doing it, tied in with my happiness project is making me more mindful. Drink Water – Think Happy. Also I am getting enough fluids inside me in the day so that come bedtime I am not thirsty so don’t down a glass of water then get up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet. A great bonus as I already have enough to disturb my sleep as it is.

Another ‘truth’ that I have figured out is:

Ten minutes of cleaning or tidying really makes all the difference to my mood and to the house.

How was your week? Did you do anything that made you exceptionally happy?

For now,


PS. Stop by again tomorrow to find out what I will be doing for my second week of my happiness project. Also don’t forget you can link up with the project if you fancy 🙂


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6 thoughts on “Happiness Project Week 1: End of my first week and the red rage sets in

  1. Drinking water I agree don’t make you happy but it’s the knowing you are doing good for body and the actual achievement , of completing a tast , that gives you the boost, which in turn help towards happiness . . I hope tomorrow will be better day for you . I managed my water intake too, so looking forward to what next weeks taskis xx

  2. lilandrael on said:

    You poor thing. At least you’re still hanging on to the happiness feeling! Keep up the good work. Here’s a strange one from me. I was feeling irritable, stressed and just downright bleurgh the other day, so in a fit of spontaneous rage, I took out the lawnmower and did the back garden. After, I felt great! In fact, I was really on a high and started cleaning the entire house, so yes, your theory of cleaning making you feel so much better, is true!

    • That’s so funny, don’t think I’ve ever mowed the lawn, can imagine it’s satisfying though 🙂 I really must remember that ‘truth’ though. There are too many times where I just let it go and I am very grumpy, I should just get off my bottom and do something active 😉

  3. alistairmg on said:

    This post reminded me of the following: daily schedule for happiness http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/4CoSWD

    Agree that the cleaning thing definitely works – I can’t concentrate at work if my desk is a mess!

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