Happiness Project Week 1: Progress and some important lessons learned

Having started my Happiness Project on a Tuesday, mid-week would have been yesterday, was yesterday. I was going to blog about my progress, I didn’t! The reason being was that our internet went down yesterday and a couple of phone calls later (with the inevitable cross continent confusions), buttons pressed, wires taken out then put back in, it still wasn’t working.

We had a wonderful evening, kids had fish finger sandwiches then we had a oven curry while the kids watched telly, felt like such a treat. After they were in bed we spent some time looking at our holiday photos then watched a film together. This has taught me a good lesson that although I love blogging, twitter, facebook etc there are other things I love doing and not having any internet has reminded me of this.

My kids playing on the beach. So good to look at photos, it brings a lot of happiness.

Another thing I have been reminded of is my love of baking, I haven’t baked for weeks so knowing that we had to wait in for the internet repair man today I decided that the kids and I would do a bit of baking and made some very experimental peppermint tea cupcakes. They are slightly odd but can’t be all bad as we have managed to eat four already!

My water drinking has been going well too, not sure if it has made me any happier but I think I feel better for it so that can only be a good thing.

Hope you had a good week,

For now,


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2 thoughts on “Happiness Project Week 1: Progress and some important lessons learned

  1. Hi I am doing good on water, about 2 litres a day . I have also got a book which imam writing down any quotes I feel will be good for me . First is out of book . ” by acting as if you feel more energetic , you can become energetic .” . I agree with you baking makes me happy . Also we turn off telly a lot too , it makes you feel like you have more relaxed time . Xx

    • Hi Linda, well done on the water drinking and I love your idea about a book to write down quotes, I have got my big notebook for my happiness project but it would be nice to have a really nice, small book to write special quotes in.
      I love the quote about acting how you feel, I have been trying it in the mornings, it really does make a difference 🙂

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