Happiness Project Week 1: Drink more water and start to think about what makes us happy and unhappy

For this first week of my Happiness Project I have decided that I will try to drink more water. I know it is not exactly of the happiness inducing variety that may be associated with something slightly more creative, engaging or is a particularly big achievement but I really do want to start simply. This project is about making changes, even if they are small, that I will be able to maintain and will hopefully add up to make me healthier and happier.

Super cute water bottle to take with me on our little outings

Great jug I found in a charity shop – this holds exactly 2 litres but unfortunately is too big to fit in the fridge

I have gone slightly scientific on this one and thought I would actually find out what the official, recommended consumption of water is by looking at the World Health Organisations recommendations – this article is very in-depth but the recommended 2 litres, which is often suggested, is about right. From reading the article I have found out that there are numerous health benefits of drinking more water including less chance of developing kidney stones, coronary heart disease and colonic, breast and urinary tract cancers. The article does discuss the fact that up to a third of our bodies water needs can be taken from the food we eat. I have also read that caffeinated drinks, although they are diuretics can still be included in working out daily fluid intake (thank goodness as I need my cuppas) but alcoholic drinks do not count.

Goodness, that was a bit heavy, you will have to bare with me on this – I have a project and really love a good bit of research. I am happier already!

Now for thinking about what makes us happy and unhappy. In her book Gretchen recommends to start out by looking at:

  • Things that bring you feelings of – joy, satisfaction and engagement.
  • Things that bring you feelings of – guilt, anger, boredom and remorse.

So for the next week I will be looking at things that give me positive and negative feelings and may even produce a poster or something to stick up on the wall to add to as the year goes on. I already have a book dedicated to my Happiness Project so I may put it in there. Throughout the year of Gretchens happiness project she compiled a list of her Twelve Commandments and Secrets of Adulthood. The commandments helped her when she was struggling to keep to her resolutions and her secrets of adulthood were lessons she had learned the hard way. I think I will also find a place to write my own commandments and secrets of adulthood.

So the challenge is on! Will you join me? It is a simple start, a few extra glasses of water and a bit of thinking and writing but we all have to start somewhere.

I think my first Secret of Adulthood is:

Done is better than perfect.”

If you fancy joining me on your blog I have managed to work out how to do a linky button (please don’t ask me how 😉 ).

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I have also been busy creating a proper link up so if you want to write a blog post you can add it below and we can all support each other in trying to get healthier and happier.

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10 thoughts on “Happiness Project Week 1: Drink more water and start to think about what makes us happy and unhappy

  1. This is great Catherine. I had a resolution last year to drink more water. One of the best tips I found was to keep a small whisky tumbler on my desk, and keep topping it up with water. Due to the small size of the glass, when you drink from it you become more inclined to finish the glass. Then it just becomes a case of refilling it regularly. It really worked well for me anyway, so I thought I’d share!

    • Thank you for your support Alistair, it means a lot. That’s a good idea to have a smaller glass as to finish a tall glass is quite a lot. Not sure what husband would say if I started using his whisky tumblers, they are rather posh cut glass sorts 😉 think I would have to get some of my own, hehe.

  2. Mummy Plum on said:

    I’ve been thinking about buying this book as I’ve seen a couple of fabulous reviews of it. I’ll follow your posts with interest. I think adding fruit/mint to water can make it more interesting – and also freezing berries into ice cubes and adding to the water makes it look / taste more pretty too.

    • It is a very good book and I know I will always go back to read bits again 🙂
      I completely agree that adding fruit and/or mint makes the water more drinkable 🙂 what a lovely idea to freeze berries into ice cubes, I will definitely have to try that one x

  3. lilandrael on said:

    Really love this idea. Once I’ve made a bit of a list on a few things I could start on, I’ll write up a blog post and link up with you. This will really help me with the self esteem, group therapy course, that I’m starting in October and it can tie in me doing something pro-active in between sessions.

  4. is there anyway to see who as joined your linky? id love to join but i think i wont have a chance till next week 😦

    • Hello 🙂 if you look at the blog post right at the end the link is there. If you press the ‘Click here’ part you can add your own and view others, I actually thought there would be a list of other posts directly under my blog so I need to work out why there isn’t and if I can do that.
      The Week 1 Linky is open until the 30th September so there is a little while to go, it is only a very simple start so very easy to catch up 🙂 x

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