Relaxing holiday and plans for the new year

We were on holiday last week and I left my computer at home. I did have a feeling I would miss it but actually I didn’t, it was so nice to be completely free and I know my husband really appreciated having my attention in the evenings.

As usual I was nervous for the few days before we went away, a silly thing that I often do, worrying for no reason. Once we got down to Cornwall we could all relax and had such a fantastic time. We ate our fair share of Cornish pasties, fish and chips and scones with clotted cream. We went to the beach every day, built sand castles, went swimming in the sea, collected mussles from the rocks to have for our dinner. I spent half an hour on the phone to my mum when we got back telling her all about our adventures and completely forgot to say about William coming out in the Chicken Pox while we were there so it must have been a good holiday!

Our nearest beach a 15-20 minute walk down the cliff from our house – we had it almost to ourselves it was just bliss!

I feel relaxed and ready for a new start, for me the last few years September has been a month of change and again I feel that change in the air. As I said in an email to a friend: 2005-started my Masters, 2006-got engaged, 2007-got married, 2008-left work to have Bell, 2009-found out we were expecting William, 2010-moved house, 2011-started school for creative startups course. So it is now 2012 – what is going to happen this month I wonder? There is nothing I have planned for so I feel like I should use my ‘new year’ feeling and start another project, I already have my 30 by 30 challenge and Herman which I haven’t forgotten about but I love a project. I am currently reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and have been very inspired to start my own Happiness Project. I do feel like I am already doing some of the things that Gretchen recommends but it won’t harm to clarify these for myself. I wonder if there are any other bloggers or indeed anyone who would like to join me, I could start up a linky?!?

Did you have a holiday this year – how did you feel when you got back?

Would you like to join me for a happiness project – a year of trying to be happier?

Can any fellow bloggers give me advice about organising link ups – eek scary?

It’s nice to be back online, not quite sure I’m ready for reality though, I’ve got work tonight!

For now,


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7 thoughts on “Relaxing holiday and plans for the new year

  1. daydreamingfoodie on said:

    Me me me! I would love to join you – I haven’t got a hold of the book yet!

    • Goodness, thank you so much for your reply, you have made my day, how exciting 🙂 I didn’t know if this was something that people would be interested in. The book is fantastic, it is so good to read about Gretchens feelings and to know she feels just like I do, it is enlightening. Let me know what you think of it if you get it 🙂

  2. lilandrael on said:

    Sounds like you had an excellent time! Your happiness project sounds intriguing. Perhaps you if you could give me a little bit of info about it, I could join you. Definitely in need of a bit more happiness in my life, that’s for sure!

    • Hi Stacey, we did have a super time 🙂

      So thrilled that you are interested, I’m happier already, hehe.

      Living with young kids is certainly a stretch on us parents, sapping our energy and leaving us little time for anything. Reading through the book by Gretchen Rubin she actually completed her own happiness project over a whole year, starting in January with a boost to energy by getting more sleep, exercising, decluttering her house, tackling tasks that were playing on her mind and just trying to act the way she wants to feel – happier and more energetic (Yes all in January, eek!). She then goes on to try to make change in all areas of her life: relationships (with significant other, kids, friends and family), work, memories, projects, lightening-up, money, gratitude, persuing your passion…and more. What I would like to do is write about how I am doing and encourage you to complete simple tasks, not sure if they would be per week or per month. Then we can all link up (again not sure how to do this?) so others can see how our progress is going.

      Does all of that make sense? What do you think?
      Thank you again for your interest, that means a lot to me x

      • lilandrael on said:

        Sorry I didn’t reply to your comment sooner, I forgot to subscribe to follow ups! What you wrote made sense, don’t worry and it’s definitely something I’m interested in doing! Gonna read your part 1 post and have a think about what I could do!

  3. Great post Catherine & lovely to read about your holiday and your plans for the future.


    Much love,
    Claire x

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