Our new pets

We have finally got the kids a pet, actually two. Well, we sort of found them in the garden but the kids are thrilled.

We are now the proud owners of two cabbage white caterpillars. We have been feeding them a selection of savoy cabbage and white cabbage and one especially is gobbling it down. We have been a bit worried about the other one but then noticed earlier that it was busy making a web type substance and has now positioned itself on the side of the jar.

Our new pets – two cabbage white caterpillars

One happy munching on its cabbage leaves the other making its home on the side of the jar

Isabella has been asking for a while now if we can have a pet, more specifically a cat. I would love to have a cat, I am a cat person but it is just that we often go away and I would just worry about the cat. Maybe we will get one when the kids are a bit older, but for now we are happy with our caterpillars. I have desperately tried to explain that they will hopefully turn into butterflies. Even with our copy of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ they don’t quite understand that the caterpillars will turn into chrysalis and then into butterflies. I’m so excited, I used to love keeping caterpillars as a kid.

Do your kids love to find bugs when you are outside? Did you ever keep caterpillars in a jar when you were a kid? Did they ever hatch into butterflies?

Hope you are enjoying the last few weeks of the holidays.

For now,


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5 thoughts on “Our new pets

  1. Im currently reviewing a butterfly related product and will have one to giveaway too 🙂 I don’t remember doing similar as a child but Italy great educational fun 🙂

    Found you via MBPW x

  2. crystaljigsaw on said:

    How lovely! So simple yet so effective, a brilliant idea, especially in this day of technology when many kids just want to sit in front of a television or iPad.
    CJ x

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