Getting my tummy into shape

One of my self-imposed challenges on my 30 by 30 list is to:

  • 19. Get my tummy into some sort of shape.

This was one of the challenges on my list that I would really like to get sorted but actually have no idea where to start. I was prompted to think of my tummy by this months challenge on Story of Mum, asking mums to focus on a part of their bodies that has changed since having children and encouraging us to Love our Mum Body. You can read my post about Trying to be proud of my Mum-Body.

After having my two kids I have been left with spider-web like stretch marks all around my tummy, saggy skin and a hernia sticking out where my belly button used to be. When William was about 8 months old I did actually have an operation booked to sort out my hernia, I spent the months leading up to this in a mild panic, mum came to stay with us for the few days before so that she could go with me while I went to hospital (mainly so I didn’t try to run away I think). Then on the morning of the op (after fasting since lunch time the day before) we had a phone call to say that it was cancelled. Well, as you can imagine I was fuming, all those hours, weeks, months of worry, just to have it cancelled at the last-minute. Since then I haven’t even considered having it sorted but writing for Story of Mum has made me look at my tummy again instead of hiding it away. I am so proud of what my tummy has done but now is the time to give it a bit of special treatment and hopefully get back to a bit of gentle exercise to see if I can close my muscles up and maybe even get rid of my hernia (Not sure if this is even possible?)

I have measured my tummy and it is 80cm. I have no idea what that means in terms of ratios but hopefully this can be my guide to whether my exercises are working. My aim is certainly not to lose weight, as those that know me know I am already on the skinny side, if anything I’d like to put a little weight on but to tighten my tummy muscles.

My Davina DVD and an exercise book that I ordered from America after reading a recommendation online, it only came today so I have yet to look at it properly.

So, here is where I am starting, with my Davina DVD and an exercise book. I’m not sure how well I will do with this or if I will see any change but I will give it a go!

Do you have any tips for exercising after having a baby to get your tummy back in shape? Are there any parts of your Mum-Body that you need to love a little more?

For now,


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5 thoughts on “Getting my tummy into shape

  1. Well done on starting your journey to tone your mum tum! The plank is a great ab exercise, I tend to do it when watching TV 🙂

    • Thanks Bridget, it was you that inspired me to try to do something about my mummy tummy, my skin will always be a problem I think but I can certainly work on those muscles.
      That’s a great idea to do the plank when watching TV, I used to do exercises on my ball when I was pregnant in front of the telly. Must admit I don’t watch much now though, think I can justify watching telly if I’m exercising at the same time 😀

  2. Sorry to be the stupid one – but what is “the plank”? I’ve heard of “planking” where you have to lay straight, balancing on random objects when out and about (usually drunk) – but not heard of doing the plank while watching tv before… please educate me?

    I too am skinny but got a weird paunchy belly from having my babies. How is Davina going? Any noticable results? I keep meaning to get on the Wii Fit… I intend to… honest! xx

    • Hehe, you are not stupid at all 🙂 “the plank” is an exercise where you put your elbows on the floor with your forearms flat on the floor pointing in front of you and your toes also on the floor, then you make your body as flat as you can and hold it there….to be honest I find it nearly impossible without wobbling then falling over 😉

      Davina and I started off well, the kids loved joining in but the novelty has now worn off for them and they get cross at me and try to hang off me when I’m exercising. Instead I try to sneak in bits of exercise every now and then, I just randomly decide to do some pressups or tummy tuck things that Davina does, the kids think it’s hysterical 😀 I think it is making a difference so will keep at it, I’m in no rush it’s been like it for years so hopefully slow and steady will eventually sort it.

      Your twins aren’t very old yet are they? There is plenty of time to exercise when they are a bit bigger xxx

      • Yes they are 15 weeks atm.

        Ah I’ve tried that plank thing before at an aerobics class years ago – i remember people squealling in pain as she made us hold it for ages! Might give it a go! x

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