Foodie Update

Gosh it’s been a while since I have posted and I can’t really say that I’ve been up to very much but here is a quick summary, in photos and completely food related. I do love my food!

First up is a Herman Apple Cobbler, a super pudding with stewed apple underneath and an almost scone-like topping which goes all golden in the oven, perfect for this summer weather.

Herman Apple Cobbler, slightly sour stewed apple with sweet scone-like crunchy topping

Another pudding (can you tell it’s cold here?), a steamed rhubarb pudding again made with Herman. I have never made a steamed pud before so this was an experiment as usual and it tasted super, it was a bit too soggy but I think this is because I stewed the rhubarb with sugar in water for five minutes first then put all of this in the bottom. I think next time I need to cook without water, or just not put it in. I need to try more steamed puds, they are fab.

Steamed Herman Rhubarb Pudding – super soft sponge with sweet rhubarb

I also experimented with making doughnuts from Herman. I have an aversion to deep fat frying so these were a baked version. Unfortunately they were like bread rolls with holes cut in the middle, I think they would have been better if I had fried them but it was worth an experiment and they tasted good.

Herman Doughnuts and Doughballs – coated in cinnamon sugar

Finally, we have been making a lot of pop corn recently. Each batch is a bit hit and miss and we still haven’t worked out the best method of popping the corn, below is the best of our attempts so far. We made a small amount of melted muscovado sugar and butter glaze which we drizzled over the top, making it not-so-healthy but very tasty.

Homemade popcorn with a muscovado sugar glaze – our best attempt so far

Have you got a fool-proof method for making popcorn?

Hope you are all well,

For now,


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