Our first harvest from the garden

It’s six months since I started blogging and I’m still here and loving it! It has helped me to define myself, what I love to do and what I’d like to do for my future. I would recommend it to anyone!

I haven’t really done with my blog what I set out to do, it has gown organically. I had planned to write a little more about my garden, maybe the weather has had something to do with the lack of posts but the garden is still there and doing its thing. The weeds are taking over the borders but the fruit and veg are just about holding their own.

This weekend was the first time we were able to harvest something from the garden. Maybe harvest is the wrong word – implying a bounty of home-grown goods – when in fact a small handful is what we picked, but to me it is a ‘harvest’ and I am so proud!

Suprise to see the bright red strawberries between the leaves

A friend came round on Friday evening bearing so many strawberries that I had to make them into a jam. This was the first time I’d made strawberry jam and it reminded me of when mum used to make it when we were kids.

Just that smell, the sweet smell of summer!

Absolutely delicious home-made strawberry jam – just like mum used to make!


An Isabella sized handful of broad beans



Isabella loves helping take the broad beans out of their pods



Most of our pods only had three beans which we added to those we had already bought


Chantanay carrots – these were really sweet and crunchy we just ate them straight out of the garden



Such a great feeling to know that we as a family helped to grow all of these things and we certainly enjoyed eating them.

Are you growing anything in your garden? How has your harvest been this year? I think the weather has been quite bad for many things so far.

For now,


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7 thoughts on “Our first harvest from the garden

  1. I’m addicted to blogging/twitter now too 😉

    So nice picking fruit and veg from the garden, kiddies love it!

    Luckily our landlady planted quite a few things in a raised bed so we have had some raspberries, rhubarb and even a few potatoes. Its amazing what she grew in such a small space, I’ll take a photo this week and post 🙂

    • Glad you are enjoying the blogging, it really is great to write things down.

      Bet the kids are enjoying the garden, my two love it and take great delight in picking things themselves. It is amazing what you can grow in a small area, I’m hoping to grow even more next year 🙂

  2. Perfect. Great work!

  3. Wow those strawbs look gorgeous! And homemade strawberry jam reminds me of my grandma, lots of happy memories there.
    Not growing anything, as we don’t have a garden unfortunately, tho we have had a little bit of success in precious yrs with containers…. But a new baby put paid to that this yr!
    Maybe next yr!

    • Hi Helen, thanks for your comment, it was amazing to see any strawberries in the garden, the weather has been so terrible I’d given up on the garden really. We didn’t manage to grow much for the past few years what with being pregnant or having a little one so know how it is 🙂

  4. That looks like a bumper crop to me – particularly with the lack of sunshine! Love the new layout too – great to be able to pick and choose a post. Could look at doing a colourful header maybe? xx

    • Thanks Lara, we’ve had two big handfuls of strawbs so far but rest have been attacked by birds or slugs. More carrots to come and beetroot now so not doing too badly.
      I know what you mean about a header, not sure if this blog supports one, I need to experiment 🙂

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