“My Sunshine” a gift from Georgina Giles

On Sunday I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was the winner of a monthly draw on Georgina Giles blog. We had contact through Twitter and my parcel duly arrived on Tuesday morning, I was totally thrilled, I don’t often win anything and the parcel was very nicely packaged with such a sweet, round sticker saying ‘i love post’ and the address label clearly written on a type writer.

Sweet little sticker on my parcel, saying ‘i love post’

I waited until Wednesday however to open my parcel, I had wanted to wait until I had a nice moment on my own to revel in opening my lovely gift and a chance to take photos of my treasure. I did however open it after a hectic morning out with the kids when they were both really trying it on and I just needed a little something to brighten my day.

The kids had been eyeing up my post since it had arrived and were completely silenced when I took down the parcel from a high shelf. They watched in wonder as I pulled the gift from the envelope and watched me slowly open the delicate pattern paper that enclosed my medal. The medal is crafted with such soft felt and pretty lace, topped with a polished wooden disk bearing the words ‘my sunshine’. This is backed with a brooch fastening which can be pinned onto a jumper or cardigan or even a favourite bag.

All wrapped up in pattern paper – such a lovely touch with the sticker saying ‘for you’

Such a sweet medal – my medal, for those times that family life is a little crazy this is ‘my sunshine’

I have decided to keep my medal safely out of the kids way, still on the brown parcel label that it arrived on, propped up on my bookshelf. It is my medal for being a mummy and which I can look at in moments of mayhem for my little bit of sunshine.

Thank you Georgina for my wonderful gift, it is treasured very much.

If you too feel you deserve a medal or would love to give one to another, have a peek at Georginas shop on etsy.

For now,


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2 thoughts on ““My Sunshine” a gift from Georgina Giles

  1. That is really cute! 😀

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