Williams patchwork quilt

We discovered Ruislip Woods this morning, having lived here for nearly five years it’s definitely something we should have done sooner. As a child I fondly remember trips out for days in the woods and the way my two were amazed at all the trees and their enjoyment of squelching through the muddy bits, listening to the wind in the trees and hunting for bears reminded me of just how fascinating and exciting being in the woods can be!

After our bracing walk this morning I was able to have a little time this afternoon to do some sewing and I have finally finished making Williams patchwork quilt. I made one for Isabella for her second birthday and so this was for Williams second birthday, quilts always take a lot longer than I think to make but it is only just over two weeks late so I’m quite happy with that. The first quilt that I started making consisted of entirely new fabric, I then made the quilt for Isabella with some of the fabric being second-hand and now this one for William is mostly made from not-new fabric. Three of the patches are from my husbands shirts and a lot of the others I found from fabric that my gran has passed on to me, I am so pleased that it really is a patch-work quilt.

The pattern consists of using nine fat-quarters of material to make up the patches in the middle of the quilt and then 150cm of fabric for the border and binding. Half of the joy in making a quilt is deciding which fabrics to choose and what goes together. I had started with the three shirts and then added to this over time until I had the look that I was happy with. The following pictures show the quilt in progress, I sort of forgot to take any photos between the small square patches and finished quilt but you can see part of the process.

Photo taken in the fabric shop just checking that I was finally happy with my selection of fabrics after buying the white one in the middle – it has tiny white stars on but don’t think you can see that here


Cutting out patches – 2 1/2 inches x 6 1/2 inches


Patches all cut out ready to be sewn – three patches to be sewn together to make a square


Patches laid out in the pattern they will be in on the quilt – just to make sure I am happy with the combination


Some late night sewing but finally sewn all the patches into their respective squares of three different strips


The finished quilt, I’ve put the quilt on Isabellas bed as William is still in his cot. The quilt is a great size for a toddler bed but is actually tucked under the bottom of the mattress and hangs down to the floor on either side so makes a perfect topper for a single bed too.


The border fabric was a chance buy and I really love the spots and the contrast with the backing fabric (which was an old sheet that my Granny gave me)

Such a great feeling to have the quilt finished and William loves it, he seems so happy to have a quilt of his own. I can also tick off one of my 30 by 30 challenges so I am very happy about that too.

Have you ever made a quilt? Would you like to have a go?

Happy weekend to you all,

For now,


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2 thoughts on “Williams patchwork quilt

  1. Your quilt is beautiful – I have just made my first one. x

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