My William turned two today!

My little William turned two today!

I still can’t believe it!

I was crying about it yesterday, what a sop! I’m not usually sentimental like that, always wanting the kids to get to the next stage, just as much for me as for them, you can see their frustrations; before they can move around independently, before they can talk, before they can express themselves fully.


Thinking back, I can really say my life changed so dramatically when I had each of my children. When I had Isabella I think I was in shock, I was young (ok 24, but that’s still young), I had high hopes, not long been out of University, moved to London from rural Herefordshire. And then all that changed, I was put in charge of this most precious little thing! How did I not realise before that the pavements were so uneven? How could I have possibly watched Spooks? Why were we living in London? Why was my daughter crying? Was I just a terrible mother? The questions were endless as was the guilt, I don’t really know what about but I really struggled!

When Isabella was 11 months old we discovered that, oops, we’d done it again and still breastfeeding numerous times a day, ah well!


William was born on 30th May 2010 and my life changed again. Maybe it was because Isabella was a difficult baby, maybe we had just learned the hard way, maybe William was a little angel but whatever it was he was just so good and I felt confident to look after him. It took a bit of time for that confidence to spread to the rest of my life but I am really getting there and am so thankful that I have my two kids.

We have good days and hard days, they are such good friends and it is for them and because of them that I am at home now, to be here for them as they are growing up. It started as a necessity, me not earning enough to put even Isabella into daycare, but I have learned to love being in my own home in the days with the kids. Yes, I have days where I just wish I didn’t have to read that book again, sing those songs again or build another duplo tower and the telly gets put on, but deep down I love it.

I know this is a totally soppy post and I’m sorry but I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my William and thank you to both my kids for being mine and being themselves, I love them both so much.

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4 thoughts on “My William turned two today!

  1. Bridget Leyden on said:

    What a lovely post :~). I can really identify with what you write x

  2. Bridget Leyden on said:

    I have Astrid, who is 5, and Joe, who is 7. x

    • Oh goodness, so grown up 🙂 My Isabella (3 1/2) will start the school nursery in September, another chance for me to start crying, hehe.
      Bet you all have lots of fun, it is so nice to do many more things with the kids as they get older 🙂

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