Half-Herman or Mini-Herman

I know a lot of people out there are enjoying having a Herman to stay with them but are now struggling to pass on the extra parts of Herman or are unable to bake and eat all the parts themselves. I have been asked a number of times now if a mini-herman or half-herman is possible and the answer is definitely yes!

It involves a bit of basic maths so I’ll use Imperial measurements so it’s clearer:

  • One normal portion of Herman is just over 12oz
  • So, for a Half Herman you would need 6oz of starter on Day 1.
  • Stir as normal and on Day 4 feed with 2oz flour, 4oz sugar and 4oz milk.
  • Stir again for next few days and on Day 9 feed with 2oz flour, 4oz sugar and 4oz milk. This will give you 26oz.
  • You can then divide this into four portions of around 6oz each (I know, very rough maths 6×4=24 but you see where I’m going).
  • You would keep one portion.
  • Then two parts would be used to bake the normal Herman Apple type cake.
  • Or you could bake a Half Herman cake which would fit perfectly in a loaf tin – just divide all the ingredients used for the full cake.

I am also working on some recipes to use smaller amounts of Herman, such as for pancakes or crumpets, so check back for those soon.

Hope this helps some of you that are struggling with far too much Herman.

For now,


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6 thoughts on “Half-Herman or Mini-Herman

  1. Bridget Leyden on said:

    Hi Catherine, someone gave me some Herman last week. And as, like you say, I don’t want masses of it I decided to just add the ingredients on day 4 and then used half of it to bake some ginger muffins today on day 6. I will keep the rest and just top up every few days. Bridget x

    • Hi Bridget, I’ve also been doing that with one of my batches as that means I can experiment through the week too, instead of waiting 10 days each time. You can also shorten the 10 day cycle which gives a more active yeast, better for bread baking 🙂 Cx

  2. Hi Catherine
    i have been given my very first herman, herman had made it to scotland! i am on day 9
    Today i fed him and split him and out of that i froze 1 have one in the bowl for my next cycle and so have 2 portions to use in yumminesses (yes i know I’ve just made up a word) 🙂
    thankyou so much for all the ideas, i am a hater of fruit in cakes so was having a hard time finding potential yumminesses’s to make but your ideas have been brill.
    tomorrow is baking day or baking Sunday if you will, so woohoo wish me luck because iv only made scones once since i left school ten years ago so it may just be a disaster!
    if it is though i have a never ending supply of herman to start again and again
    thanks again i will be back here many a time for more ideas i should think

    good luck with your experiments

    • Hi Lorna-Ann,
      Thank you for your really lovely comment. I will be baking tomorrow too, I am so excited! It is really amazing what Herman can be made into, I will be testing out Herman biscuits, hopefully they will work and we can have them for our Jubilee Street Party on Monday.
      What is your favourite cake? I will see if I can create a Herman version for you.
      Wishing you loads of luck for your baking tomorrow, Herman is great as he is very happy to be put in a bowl with the other ingredients and given a
      quick mix, then put into a tin and baked 🙂
      I love that you are so enthusiastic and willing to try again if things go wrong.
      Any questions just ask x
      Here’s to Herman yumminesses!!! 🙂

  3. oh wow my very own recipe from the goddess of the Herman!
    ok so i LOVE chocolate and nuts, i hate fruit or spices in puddings/cakes but do like orange or lemons ect, I’m also a fan of scones and pancakes so i hope that gives you enough to go on 🙂

    im a massive novice at the whole baking lark so i am quite nervous but feel that as i will always have Herman i can’t really go wrong
    haha i love it you used yumminesses! i think Herman deserves a word all of his own.
    Good luck with the biscuits im sure they will be lovely.
    i think i will be trying your scones tomorrow do you think i could add chocolate to them?

    thanks for all the luck i def need it

    il let you know how i get on

    oh by the way you should do the book you mentioned in the other post, you have an amenable quality in your writing that makes the non bakers like me feel we can bake too. i am put off often by hard to follow recipes that just assume everyone knows the knacks you learn only by experience, which i obviously have not accrued yet!

    • Sorry I didn’t rey earlier, chic chips sound fab in the scones 🙂
      I’ve been having some ideas for a cake for you but will have to experiment first. I’ve had some failures before so like to test the recipes first 🙂
      In the mean time I’ve had some lovely comments about the brownie recipe which is super chocolatey!

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