Summer is here in the garden

What wonderful weather we have had over these past few days, I hope you have all had at least a little bit of sun and have had a chance to enjoy it. We have practically been living outside, apart from mid-afternoon when we have hidden away in the front room which is the coolest room in the house to flake out for a bit. The kids have been eating better and sleeping better for all the fresh air they have been getting and we are all so much happier with this gorgeous sun.

I just wanted to do an update of the garden as it still amazes me, half the things that are growing I myself have planted but a lot of things have just sprung up. All of it is amazing!

Photograph Hellebore in seed

The first flower to appear in my garden this year was my Hellebore and although it is now being overshadowed by bigger and brighter flowers it is still looking stunning – especially now it is going into seed

White Lilac tree which grows in the bottom corner of our garden, providing us with shade and such a wonderful scent in these hot days.

Self seeded Aquilegia – Ladies bonnets. There are quite a few well established Aquilegia plants in my border – there were a lot more but I tore them out when we moved here, these ones grow within the rose bush so were saved by my over zealous weeding!

Just exquisite!

Beetroot seedlings – promise of food to come

Carrot seedlings – I have had little success with carrots before so to see this row of feathery carrot tops is wonderful

One of two courgette plants that I have growing in the raised bed – they have been very slow to grow so far so I am hoping the sun will help them along

Potatoes in bags! I’ve never tried growing potatoes this way but they seem so happy there are four different types but I have no idea what or which is which – how exciting!

I just noticed that my broad beans are in flower when I went to get the washing in this evening – it was such a surprise that I had to take a photo, a week ago there were no flowers!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing a few more wonderful plants from my garden and hope you have been enjoying yours too.

I have four Herman recipes that I really need to write up and they will be with you soon.

Hope you are all well,

For now,


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