Herman weekend – Part 1 – Herman Carrot Cake

As usual I am busy and this weekend was no exception. Herman was to reach his baking day so I had researched and written up many different recipes to use up my seven portions that I was to have on Saturday. Well, we had a phone call at lunch time from my husbands parents to ask if they could stay the night and then another phone call a few hours later from my best friend to ask if her and her husband could also stay the night. The answer to both was of course “yes”.

At one point in time I had it in my mind that I would love to have four kids, my two best friends are both from families of four and to grow up being involved in their families was just wonderful, so many people around and always great fun. Now we have our two little ones we feel that we don’t want any more children as we are just so happy how we are. We both still really want that big family feel so our door is always open and we love to have friends and family with us.

My Herman baking did get slightly delayed due to our visitors but my baking efforts this weekend were all very successful, so here is the first of my Herman experiments:

Herman Carrot Cake with Lemon Buttercream Icing

Herman Carrot Cake with Lemon Butter Cream Icing

  • 250g butter
  • 100g castor sugar
  • 150g grated carrot
  • 200g plain flour
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
  • 100g ground almonds
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1 tsp mixed spice
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • one portion of Herman

For the lemon buttercream icing

  • 150g unsalted butter, softened
  • 300g icing sugar
  • finely grated rind and juice of one lemon

Line a 23cm round cake tin with non-stick baking parchment. Beat the butter and sugar together until very fluffy. Add the carrots to the butter, sift all dry ingredients into the same bowl and add the eggs and Herman. Beat together thoroughly. Spoon into the lined tin and level the surface. Bake at 180C/Gas 4 for 1 hour 15 minutes, covering the top of the cake with kitchen foil after 30 minutes to stop it browning too much. Test with a skewer to see if cooked then leave to cool.

To make the icing, beat the butter until fluffy then sift in the icing sugar and add the lemon rind and juice and beat again until light. Swirl the icing on top of the cake once it has cooled.

General Appearance: Another Herman cake that has sunk in the middle (I think I have figured this out, cook cooler for longer) but carefully disguised with yummy icing and fab edible mini-carrots made by my super mother-in-law. If you’d like your own you can buy them from here.

Aroma: Buttery and spicy.

Texture: A very moist cake.

Taste: Great taste, tastes just like a normal carrot cake. As Herman does have his own unique taste it is sometimes a worry that this will come out in the cakes but this Carrot Cake is fab, especially with the icing on top.

Just a quick note, some years ago I worked out the nutritional information of this cake (no idea where they are now, sorry) and the figures were not pretty, if you are looking for a healthy option this may not be the one to go for but it really is rather good!

As always it would be great to hear if you have tried this or any of the other recipes I have written for Herman and do ask any Herman questions, I’m always happy to help.

For now and happy baking,


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11 thoughts on “Herman weekend – Part 1 – Herman Carrot Cake

  1. Lovely looking carrot cake! I am really enjoying your Herman updates Catherine.

    I gave my portion out at work (which often smells of Herman as it is a science laboratory which tests on yeast!) and people are being very experimental. One lady made a savoury portion with mozarella, sundried tomatoes and basil. It was delicious.

    Enjoy the weather this weekend x

    • Thank you for your lovely comment.

      You’ve got me wondering about where you work, has anyone done any tests on Herman yet? I’m so desperate to find out what is in there, obviously we feed it flour, sugar and milk but that changes once it is all mixed together and bubbling away.

      This weather is glorious, hope you enjoy the weekend too xxx

  2. I just commented on your more recent carrot cake post, but then I found this one on a search for Herman Carrot Cake. I have Herman growing on my counter and was interested in the possibility of making a carrot cake with him. I’m so glad I found this post, now I have a simple recipe and I think I’ll try this cake first. Thanks again!!

  3. I did it! I made a half portion in a loaf pan with vanilla butter cream frosting (forgot to buy lemon). I was overwhelmed as I added the butter (it’s so much, even halved), but it’s soooo delicious! Thanks for the inspiration. Hope to try more Herman flavors and appreciate your recipes 🙂

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