Time to just be

I decided on the weekend to convert my ever-growing to-do-list onto post-it notes in an attempt to actually get something useful done.

I say ‘something useful done’ as if I don’t spend every day doing something useful! I thought that this tactic would get me motivated to actually finish things on my list that are long overdue – such as getting our vacuum cleaner fixed so I don’t have to crawl around on the floor using the attachment hose part that does still work, instead of zooming round each room as our cleaner should! One of my things-to-do was to tag and categorise each of my previous blog posts which I hadn’t realised was quite so easy as it actually is. That task is now done – cue a very over-excited reaction of jumping up and down that one of my things-to-do had been removed from its current location and been deposited in the recycling bin! Through completing this task I have realised that most of my blog is about me thinking, where I had planned that it was to be somewhere I was going to post about all of the things that I have done: my makes, bakes and things I have been up to in the garden instead of just my random musings.

I know I will get a chance to blog about those things one day (hopefully soon) but at the moment it is just nice to have somewhere to write down what I am thinking and I can look back over this and reflect on my life in general. We have just been enjoying the everyday recently, it is Easter holidays now and Isabella is not at her little pre-school, because of this we have not had anywhere to be the past two days so I have let the kids decide what we do which has been really fun. We have spent most of our time outside, in the garden, in the park or up at the duck pond in Ruislip.

I am getting through the post-it-notes that I have plastered to my computer (I’m typing this on my new laptop – my super birthday present) but on reflection I will not convert my to-do-list into a sticky montage again, constantly reminding me that I have other stuff that I should be doing other than just living life to the full and enjoying those spontaneous moments with my little ones; like when they decide it’s time to sing, to dance, to do obstacle courses outside or to make the sofa into a den.

There is definitely something to be said for just doing whatever takes your fancy at that particular moment in time.

I hope you get some time this Easter weekend to just go with the flow, to forget about all your things-to-do and enjoy time to just be.

For now,


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