Getting our year off to a good start in the garden

Seeing as it is Friday and I said that I would write about our week in the garden to inspire you to get out into yours I think I probably should do so! As I have been experimenting with the camera recently I think I will show you our week in the garden with pictures – a picture tells a thousand words as they say.

Last summer there were some workmen working on the houses at the end of our road, when it came to the day that the scaffolding was to be brought down I plucked up the courage to ask if they had any spare scaffolding boards that I could have. The answer: “of course, how many?” I didn’t really expect them to say yes to be honest but seeing as they were willing to give any number of planks a deal was struck. After 11 cups of tea and about 20 something spoons of sugar 16 eight foot planks were delivered to my back garden. I have been persuading my husband since then that these were to be made into raised beds.

Scaffolding planks make the best obstacle course

And finally here they are, I am rather pleased, I have to say that most of the construction of these was done by my dear husband but it was mainly me that dug all the grass out to get the things in the ground!

Our three raised beds - two are 8x4ft and the other 4x4ft

So this week we have planted some red onions, some garlic and some dwarf broad beans in the first of the large raised beds. We are not complete novices when it comes to gardening as members of our family grow their own and we were involved with an allotment when I was at uni but we have never had a space completely of our own. We looked on the seed packets for instructions and then decided that as we don’t have that much space we would grow things a little closer than the packs said, we will just have to water well and wait and see on those ones!

Who can spot the red onions?

As well as the veg planting I have been doing a spot of weeding! All my careful weeding last year and there are still seedlings springing up in the borders, I am not sure what most of the things are so unfortunately I may be pulling up what may, in time, be lovely flowers but I didn’t put them there so they are going. Our rhubarb is doing really well, I was so worried about it as it was given to us towards the end of last year and then it just sort of died, I needn’t have been worried.

What stunning colours! It looked dead only a week ago

I have also been enjoying all our lovely spring flowers, and trying to take artistic photos of them, a gorgeous bee decided to join me on the Hellebore when I was taking the photos so here he is.

Happy bee and happy me

I am getting good at this photo taking 🙂

What plans do you have for your garden this year? Will you grow anything to eat? What is your favourite fruit or vegetable?

Happy gardening,


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