The true power of the Clandestine Cake Club

Clandestine Cake Club - Ruislip - Januarys meet

Having blogged every day in January I knew that I was going to have a small break from blogging but didn’t plan on having quite as long off! So, hello again!

I have been totally amazed by the response of the nation to a piece on The One Show last night about the Clandestine Cake Club . Within minutes of the article, which was aired at about 7:45, the website crashed. For me I think that this is absolutely amazing and really proves to me the power of social media and how it really can be used as a force for good.

Part of why I wanted to start a blog was to make a difference to anyone out there who may be reading what I write. To show that although our lives are so busy these days we can take some time to bake a homemade cake, craft something for a friend or loved one or even for ourselves and to grow even a bit of our own food. I don’t claim to be perfect at this and often find I get very excited planning a project but am too busy to follow it through but I do try to fit in my bits of making, baking and growing and absolutely love it.

When was the last time you baked a cake? When was the last time you crafted something? Do you love it when you have achieved something?

Have you made a difference today?

For now,

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6 thoughts on “The true power of the Clandestine Cake Club

  1. I love baking because of the magic of a cake appearing from the ingredients in my cupboard. Similar thing with crafting. I like to look at the results and I like it when people are impressed too!

    • Helen, I completely agree! It’s like a sort of chemistry (I always did like science at school) 🙂 I love making things for people too, it’s great. I also love being a part of the Clandestine Cake Club because I don’t often get things made for me and it is amazing to have so many fabulous cakes to try.

  2. Just looking at that picture has made a difference to my life, I just licked my computer screen, your a bad influence 😉 Loving the baking club, I really wish I was one of the gang! Although my burnt offerings would soon get my promptly ejected! x

    • Hi Karen, glad I’ve made a difference in some small way, hehe! If there is a club near you and you can find a bakey friend then get them to bake and you can tag along too! All that cake has to be eaten by someone 🙂

  3. Venkat S on said:

    We bake a cake if we have invited someone home or we are visiting someone. Today we are baking two cakes as we are invited for lunch at our friend’s place.

    What we have experienced is, be it a cake or any food for that matter, tastes delicious and makes everyone feel happier if it is prepared for more than just for your family and shared with others. We try to do this even in a normal week with our neighbours, a great feeling of happiness, always !!!

    • Hello Venkat, I hope the cakes that you baked were enjoyed by all.

      We love making food to share and even our kids ask if there is cake whenever we have visitors, this is very funny but also nice that they already understand that we like to share food with friends and that they want to too.

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