The Last Day of January! Where did that go?

This is my final blog post for January, so completing my (admittedly, self-imposed) challenge of blogging every day this month.

Before I started writing this evenings entry I read back through everything I have written this month. I have discovered that having thought that I am not much of a ‘do-er’ , I am in fact not too bad at it. Looking back over my word for 2012 and my list of 10 resolutions I can definitely say I have smiled more, said ‘I love you’ more, been more relaxed, watched less TV and got a fair bit of cupboard sorting done. As for the other resolutions they are a work in progress, I know that if I blog less I will have more time to craft and so hopefully make some more things to sell. I would also like to do some more cooking but do already have four recipes up for you to look at; Banana Loaf Cake , Mums Tea Loaf , Sticky Marmalade Tea Loaf and Stripy Salad . I have been very thankful for my friends this month, I have learned so much from them, I have made some new friends and said goodbye to a good friend who has moved away. I implemented Operation Clean (which didn’t go so well), I have written a letter , I have enjoyed my time crafting , I have planned and plotted what I want to grow in my garden this year, I have made a gorgeous Blue Dachshund dog and hosted a very successful Clandestine Cake Club event in our local library.

I have been happier this one month than I have been for a very long time. I think I was just feeling totally lost being ‘just a mummy’, with no direction to my life and worried about what I would do once the kids start at school. I wouldn’t say that I have found the answer but I do feel much more focussed for my future.

Through this enforced blogging every evening I seem to have lost my way slightly with my aims and hopes for my blog but I have learned a lot about myself and about blogging and social media. In taking my blog forward I will try to concentrate on a Make, Bake and Grow post per week, but not limiting myself to just these.

I hope you have enjoyed reading bits about my life over the past few weeks and hope you too have had a good January. I am not sure when I will be back blogging but I know that I will have at least a few nights off.

Thank you for reading,

For now


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