Help me define my blog

I have been thinking for a couple of days that I have done well keeping up with the blogging. I have blogged every day so far in January even though there have been a few close calls (like tonight).

I am debating about how I should take my blog forward, I know I won’t blog every day as I would really like more time to craft and I feel like I have been getting quite waffly in my posts. I would really like to concentrate on my crafting, baking and growing and do a post about each every week then possibly some other posts if I find anything interesting to write about.

What do you think? What would you like to read about?

For now,


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One thought on “Help me define my blog

  1. I don’t think you should try to define your blog too much – leave yourself room for flexibility if you come across something you want to share. I try to write three times a week on mine, with a rough theme for each post ( inspired by me as Margot, Barbara or Mummy) but I wouldn’t ever try to blog every day. We have to go into the world and do things in order to have something to blog about! A post each per week on craft, gardening and baking, with some room for movement if you choose to change, sounds like a good balance to me!

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