A new TV but new resolution

Our new television arrived yesterday afternoon so we set it up once the kids were in bed.

It is one of these new flat screen ones, you can’t get CRT televisions now, so as it is on a unit at small person level we have decided that it is probably best that they are not left in the front room unsupervised.

We have had three days without the television we have had a few more arguments, a number of minor injuries when the kids were playing rough and tumble with each other and the house hasn’t looked in such a mess for quite a while now. But we have had a good few days playing lots of pretend games. I know we will still watch the television but I think we will start planning our watching and choose one or two programmes per day like I used to have as a kid.

I’m looking forward to the nicer weather too so we can get out in the garden and let off a bit of energy outside.

What do you do to keep your kids entertained? Do you pretend play, craft or sing?

Hope you have a good day,

For now,


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