An evening of crafting

I have spent the evening sewing and can’t believe how late it is.

It’s always like that when I craft, I get so lost in it that I forget about everything else. I still can’t post what it is I’m making as it is a gift for a friend but I will do when I have finished.

What I can say though is that I am doing a bit of upcycling. I have a pair if trousers and a shirt that are not quite good enough to send to a charity shop so I have chopped them up to craft into something else. Much better than putting them in the bin. I am very excited as I hope to finish by tomorrow evening!

Do you have any craft projects you are working on? Do you get lost in your craft projects?

For now,


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3 thoughts on “An evening of crafting

  1. Hi,Catherine!
    I read your blog with great interest and I am ‘hooked’ too in the rewarding and relaxing beauty of hand made stuff.I have two girls and i make the presents for friends and family.I also work with felt and as my eldest daughter just turned 8 and i have organized a felting party and they have made bags.they absolutely adored both the process of making the bags and also the finished product.I will start organizing felting courses for kids.WE really need I different kind of party for our kids.Please keep us updated on your latest projects.We need to promote hand made again!!

  2. I am hooked,too!I sew every day and i can’t get enough!What I find really difficult is the fact that we don’t have fabric shops any more and if we do they are a few and not so charming!!I would love to get to touch some Michael Miller fabric in a proper shop!!Please let me know if you know any in the area or any decent shop for us the handmaking ladies!!

    • Hi Cornelia, it is great to meet other creative mummys. I can’t wait until my kids are a bit older so we can do more crafting projects together. For my crafting supplies I go back to Hereford where I am originally from as I haven’t found much round West London. I will put pictures up later of my latest craft project. Keep in touch, Catherine 🙂

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