A not Silent Sunday

We haven’t watched any television today!

If you read my previous post you will know why. We did however spend four hours out of the house looking for a new television, going to four different shops then back to the first, only to find there weren’t any of the model we had finally chosen in stock!

The kids were a little grumpy this afternoon as they do usually have their telly time from about 4:00 until tea is ready so to distract them we put some music on. It started with a CD of nursery rhymes and kids songs but after that I put one of my CDs on and we all had a great time just singing and dancing around. Well, I was singing and everyone else was laughing at me, I am a mummy now so have obviously inherited the dreaded ‘mummy’ dancing too!

I know that we will get a television in the next few weeks (as soon as it gets delivered) but for now I am enjoying the fact that my husband isn’t stuck to it and I have promised not to be on the computer all night so that we can spend some time together. Aah, how romantic (he did ask me to play Monopoly though so I am wondering if not having a television is such a good thing).

I wonder if we will always have all this technology, it is a question I have broached with a number of friends and there are so many different answers that come back.

Do you think that technology will just keep going and getting better? Do you wonder if our age of cheap power is nearly at an end? What will you do if we are still around when the lights go out?

For now,


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