Our broken TV

Our television has just broken!

Kids are all tucked up in bed (nice and early I must add), I am going out soon and a certain someone was looking forward to an evening of playing on the XBox and watching the Snooker.

Now the TV has broken I have heard varying degrees of sighing and even the comment “this is literally the worst thing in the world ever!”. Oh dear!

I personally barely watch the television (we only have the one in our house) due to a combination of not being interested in much that is on, the fact that I can’t sit without having something ‘useful’ to do and that it is usually being used for gaming. I did attempt to broach the subject of not getting a new one but stopped before I even started as I was given a very funny look. Admittedly the kids do watch television, they have it on from 4pm until Daddy gets home at about 5:20. I wonder how I would cope without that hour to cook the tea and tidy up before our evening. I know that it will be easier in the summer as the kids will be outside but I do find it so hard to keep them entertained when I am cooking in the evenings.

I wonder how long we can last without our television?

Do you watch a lot of television? What would you do in the evenings if you didn’t have a television?

I hope you enjoy your evening,

For now,


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2 thoughts on “Our broken TV

  1. I would miss it for the kids so I can do the little jobs I have to inbetween the play dates and other activities they have, but I don’t watch it much myself too busy blogging now (and reviewing you should come back and look at how much has changed since I last spoke lol!) I bet you a new TV really soon! x

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