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In the recently established tradition of Twitters’ Follow Friday (#ff) I want to write a much deserved post for Trudy Thompson but needed a little more than the allotted 140 characters that Twitter allows.

I met Trudy at the Shine UNconference in November last year where Trudy was one of the keynote speakers. I am currently on a creative entrepreneurs course and as part of the course we are given mentors. At the time I wasn’t aware that a mentor had been picked out for me and after listening to Trudy speak I thought ‘if I had even an ounce of Trudys confidence and drive I’m sure I can get somewhere’. So, I actually plucked up the courage to speak to Trudy and I am so glad I did.

Trudy was assigned as my mentor and I went to visit her on a Saturday in the middle of December. This was just over a month ago now and I feel like my life has changed so much since then. Not in terms of a job, or finance wise but I really do think that Trudy has given me the tools to look at life differently.

Trudy is the founder and CEO of Bricks and Bread Sustainable Living Centre, which is a centre for advice to help make it easier for people to live, work or build sustainably. Before Bricks and Bread Trudy ran an eco building firm and prior to that Trudy was a racing car driver. I personally don’t like driving very much and motorways, well….when I heard that Trudy was a professional driver it amazed me and made me think that she follows her gut instincts and approaches any projects with that same drive and determination – I was right!

It’s funny, I have never been interested in celebrities and never been interested in their lives but the more I learn about Trudy the more I realise she is like a real life celebrity. She is involved in environmental movements that I have heard of and knows authors of books that I have read and she really does know her stuff! What is great about Trudy is that she is just so down to earth, completely no fuss, she is very objective and really easy to talk to.

Through Trudy I have learned that not one person can change the world (a task that I was contemplating, but getting very despondent about) but if we live our lives in a sustainable way and are happy in ourselves then people will see this and may want to change for the better too.

Trudy is now being recognised for all of her hard work as she is a finalist for CEO of the Year for the People and Environment Achievement Business Awards which celebrates how green initiatives can be good for business as well as the planet. The final will be held on 26th January so I wish Trudy lots of luck.

Finally I want to say thank you to Trudy for helping me to just be me and to believe in myself. I am now lucky enough to call Trudy my friend and hope that I can help her as much as she has helped me.

Do you have a mentor? Do you have someone who helps you to see things differently?

If you would like Trudy as your mentor you can read more about the mentoring services she provides on her website Change to Save.

For now,


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