Clandestine Cake Club

What a wonderful thing it is to share a big cake with friends!

I love baking cakes for my friends and to share with my friends. Don’t you think it would be wonderful to bake a big cake to share with friends and strangers, who, by the end of an evening of eating cake together become your friends. Sounds like a fantastic idea to me – eat cake + make friends!

Well, thanks to Lynn Hill this is all possible, she is the amazing lady who thought up the Clandestine Cake Club . A Cake Club where bakers meet in a secret location each month, each bringing a big fat cake to share with other bakers and some guests.

I wanted to share with you Ruislips next Clandestine Cake Club meet which is on Thursday 26th January, at a secret location!

The theme is Audacious Austerity ! Please have a look at the site and spread the word about this great cakey gathering. If you don’t live near Ruislip and you love this idea you could even think of setting your own Clandestine Cake Club up in your area (I dare you), it is lots of fun!

Do you like baking cakes? Has anyone ever baked you a big cake? Do you like to make new friends?

Hope to see some of you soon,

For now,


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