Letter Writing

We live in a very technology focused age and much of our correspondence is now done via our phones or over the internet. So much so that I don’t actually remember the last time I wrote a real letter, a proper one, with my address at the top, just how we were taught to write them at school.

I am thinking of this now as a friend has suggested that I should write a letter – a letter to my sixteen year old self. I have been mulling this over for days and have not got very far, so I decided to sit down earlier and just write, I was amazed at what I wrote down!

What a funny feeling to think back to that year that I was 16, of all the different things I did, nothing spectacular I must add but still life shaping. It is so illuminating to think back to that time to see that me-then is still in some way the me-now but now I am bigger, bolder and have worked so hard to get to me-now and I am so proud. I know I have a long way until I get to where I want to be but I know that I can do it as I have come so far already. I also have a feeling that where I want to be may not be where I end up, life is funny like that but I am slowly realising that if we are happy with our selves and happy in our everyday lives then that is all we need to get us there.

What would you write in a letter to your sixteen year old self? Is there any advice you would give? What would you advise to do differently?

For now,


PS. If you fancy writing a letter to your sixteen year old self too have a look at this great site for inspiration – Dear Me

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