Baby Sitter Circle – a bit of extra time

It’s been a bit of a grey day here, in more ways than just the weather. I have really been feeling the separation from my family after just spending a lot of time with them over the Christmas break.

As we don’t live anywhere near our family I have, for a long time, been thinking of starting a babysitting circle in our local area and found this fantastic web resource: Baby Sitter Circle . I thought it would be great to start this with a group of friends to allow us (me + husband) to have some time out in the evenings when the kids are in bed. Or even just an hour or two in the day to get a bit of shopping done on my own, or even to clean the kitchen floor (an impossible task with two smalls running around).

What a great, free, web resource - The Baby Sitter Circle

Are any of you in a babysitting circle? Do you ever share child minding dutys with your friends?

For now,


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2 thoughts on “Baby Sitter Circle – a bit of extra time

  1. Really enjoying your blog Catherine – I’m not what you would call a “domestic godess” by any stretch of the imagination, but I may give the banana loaf a go at some point!! Keep up the good work, Lynda x x

    • Thank you Lynda, if you have any questions baking related do ask, I will most likely be adding some more recipes at some point. The kids helped me make the banana loaf, each had a turn stirring before it went in the oven, they love it :). Hope you are enjoying your blogging too, Catherine x

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